3d Television By Samsung: Exciting Info Surrounding 3d Television Advancements

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The desire for 3d telelvision is growing rapidly by the day. It's crazy to think that 3D entertainment only started to be taken seriously over the past decade, but look how far it's come in that time alone. The popularity of 3D entertainment is growing every day and the only way electronics companies would be able to cope would have to be by joining forces. With no shadow of a doubt, Sony, Panasonic and all the big television designers saw that 3D was the next step in the television revolution. The introduction of 3d tv is setting the standard for electronic advancement.

Few would argue that 3d television is going to bring about a lot of changes. When we watch Blu-Ray discs on our HD TVs, the massive level of color depth still never fails to conjure a smile. But the switchover from standard TV to HD TV will be nothing in comparison to the switch between HD and 3D. After watching normal television on standard equipment for years, the introduction of HD truly blew minds. The picture quality was almost as clear as real life. With 3D, the fun and color are going to be projected out of the picture.

Think about how those Karate flicks will translate to 3D. How does Tom Cruise jumping through your living room on a motorcycle sound? There's always a little bit of fear to begin with that one of the characters will jump through the television screen into your house, but this side effect should only last a few days. Who knows, once you're a little more used to the 3D package you might even consider watching a good horror flick? Even so, once you've got past the initial fear of sharks biting your hand off on Discovery Channel 3D, you'll be able to begin enjoying the 3D experience.

What actually makes 3D televisions "3D" then? It's quite simple once you get your head around it. The guys at Sony can vouch for that. So, I'll summarize as best I can. The initial change comes in the film studio where the action is shot simultaneously by two separate cameras spaced several inches apart. This results in that blurry overlapping video you see when you take your 3D glasses off in the IMAX. Finally, the 3D television transmits waves to the LCD Shutter glasses which translate the 2D overlapping rolls of tape into one three dimensional visual.

Where can we see 3D television in a few years? This is surely a precursor of 3D things to come from Nintendo at least, so the excitement will already be building amongst Mario fans hoping to have the little guy darting around their front room. Let's not forget the film industries that are surely working hard to bring us 3D Blu Ray discs by filming all up to date movies in this technical 3D manner. Don't go forgetting Mario Kart 3D and Metal Gear Solid, these are all feasible titles that could look absolutely stunning with that added dimension. But that can only mean one thing - all these early bird companies already know that 3D television is the next big thing.

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