Choosing Perfume For Women

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Finding the right fragrance for someone can be a difficult challenge. Not only does everyone have different tastes and styles, but body chemistry plays a critical role in what fragrances serve people well. Depending on body chemistry, a sweet fragrance may become overpoweringly sweet.

It's helpful if you've spent some time around the individual while they were wearing fragrances of their choice. It can at the very least guide you with what type of fragrance is more appropriate for them.

If there's any tactful method of finding out the woman in question's preferred perfume, the individual behind the counter can help you pick out a comparable fragrance. If there isn't a tactful (and by tactful I mean not rummaging through her medicine cabinet) the process becomes a little ore difficult,

Inexpensive fragrances tend to run much sweeter especially when applied, with the few exceptions of targeted fragrances such as Curve or any fragrance targeted at the younger crowds. The younger generations of fragrances are explicitly designed for youthful chemistries with youthful pocketbooks. These perfumes will be higher quality but better at maintaining their integrity once sprayed.

When purchasing a perfume for a woman over the age of thirty it is prudent to notice what types of scents they prefer. Often just by noticing whether their hair carries a lingering fruity scent or if they burn fruity candles in their home you can determine that they prefer a more fruity or sweet fragrance. Thos who burn cleaner candles or who have a cleaner smell lingering in their hair are likely to prefer a muskier scent.

With so many varieties and aromas to choose from, trying to pick out the right perfume can lead to frustration and an overworked nose that can no longer distinguish between the smell of apples and the smell of aftershave.

Floral perfumes are in fact the most popular fragrance as it is sweet (based on its flower foundation) tapered by a natural subtle musk. Perfume notes are the little selections that explain how the scent changes once it hits the body, as it is typical for an aroma to change from the air to the skin. These can be helpful when purchasing perfume without the body it will be sprayed upon.

When in doubt, and you can afford it, choosing two varying fragrances can be a safer bet. She might not love one of them, but she will more than likely find the other one exactly what she likes. Some women have a wider preference scale, and both will be a big hit. As you learn her preferences you will be able to make stronger selections in time.

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