How to Make Stretch Marks Look Better: Getting Answers

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Stretch marks are actually a normal part of life. Many of us who have undergone puberty have our first experience with stretch marks during this stage. In case you were wondering why this usually happens at this time, the explanation lies in the fact that this is the period when the body grows rapidly and the sudden expansion takes a toll on our skin.

The lines that you see criss-crossing on the different areas of your skin is the result of overstretched middle layer of the skin called the dermis. If it is stretched to its limit and breaks, the production of collagen is disrupted. Without collagen, the skin tissues are no longer elastic and will easily tear thus resulting to scars called stretch marks.

Rapid Loss or Weight Gain - Stretch marks can also develop during pregnancy or if one is obese or working out. They can also occur in individuals who have lost a lot of weight. There are many treatments out there that can tell you how to make stretch marks look better so there is no need to worry if you are facing this problem today.

What Are The Remedies?

Going Natural - If you are one of those people who prefer not to undergo a major surgery or get an expensive treatment for this trouble of yours, then there are some other ways how to make stretch marks look better. Getting a tan the natural way might not be advisable due to risks like skin cancer.

Tan Treatment - The other alternative would be to get a sunless tan treatment. You can use over the counter lotions and sprays to help cover up the stretch marks. Going to salons for in house treatments are also effective but tanning beds might not be good for your skin in the long run. Instead of tanning products, you can purchase body make up that matches your skin tone. People in the fashion industry use this all the time but you have to make sure to use products that wont irritate your skin.

There are some water-resistant solutions to cover up the scars even when you go swimming. The current swimsuit fashion features suits that have shorts as bottoms. This type of designs will give you more covering for your thighs and buttocks. You can also wear a one piece suit instead of a two piece to cover up the marks on your abdomen.

Getting Tattoos - There are more permanent ways of how to make your stretch marks look better. Some people decide to get a tattoo to cover up the scars. They usually prefer this for its aesthetic quality and also for the reason that tattoos can distract ones attention away from deep and dark stretch marks. But getting this type of remedy can be painful and sometimes dangerous as well. So if you decide to stay as far away as possible from needles or any type of incisions then topical creams or oils can be a good option.

Stretch Mark Creams - Many people apply synthetic or natural creams on the affected areas because these can effectively heal the scars and keep the skin healthy and smooth. However, it is always good to consult your doctor first before using any treatment especially if you are pregnant. Once you have decided on how to make stretch marks look better, you will no longer be burdened by this problem ever again.

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