Learn The Shocking Truth About Carpet Cleaners Their Tricks and Tactics

by Jim Thornton - Date: 2008-06-21 - Word Count: 633 Share This!

Choosing a carpet cleaner in today's marketplace is not easy because you are bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims and simply bad information. Some companies use bait and switch tactics. Others use high-pressure sales tricks. It is very difficult to find a qualified, competent, professional carpet cleaner.

It should be much easier to make a choice between companies but it's not. As a result you end up doing nothing and the carpet keeps getting dirtier.

One myth that people have heard is that you should wait as long as possible before you get your carpets cleaned. They believe once you start cleaning them they get dirty faster. This could not be further from the truth.

In most cases people don't get their carpet cleaned soon enough. They wait until the carpet looks dirty and as a result the dirt causes so much damage that the carpets never look good again. People think that it was the cleaning that caused this problem when in fact it was the lack of cleaning.

A tactic that a few carpet cleaners do is offer a really low price in order to get you to place an order and then once they get in your house they try to pressure you to order add-ons.

One method they use is to tell you that if you want the carpet to stay clean you will need carpet protection and when they quote you the price for this in most cases it will double or triple the original price quote. You are made to feel like the cleaning job you get is dependent on whether or not you order these extras. Almost all carpet cleaners offer carpet protection at a reasonable price.

There is much confusion about how carpet cleaning companies price their work. The companies that price their work by the square foot tell you that no reputable carpet cleaning company will price their job by the room. This is simply not true but they say this to justify their method of pricing.

When they price by the square foot they don't have to commit to a price over the phone which gives them the opportunity to come to your house beforehand and possibly sell you on extra work that you hadn't planned on.

Whichever method of pricing is used doesn't matter. All that matters at the end of the day is how much the total cost is and how satisfied will you be with the results.

When you order carpet cleaning you don't know whether or not the person doing the cleaning has the proper type of training. Trying to deal with a larger company or one that has been in business a long time isn't always the answer.

Many larger companies have a faster turnover of cleaning staff and a lot of times you are getting someone who has little experience with proper cleaning techniques. Poorly trained technicians using the wrong cleaning chemicals on spots are running the risk of setting the stain rather than removing it.

The most important part of any carpet cleaning is the experience and care of the person doing the job.

To avoid any problems you should review what your expectations are when the carpet cleaner arrives. This includes whether or not they are expected to vacuum first, move furniture, clean spots; what areas are to be cleaned and any problem areas you might have. Go over the price you were quoted and what the exact total is before they get started.

If there is anything different it's better to know before they start and you can decide whether or not you want them to proceed. If you don't feel good about a change in your agreement don't proceed because I guarantee it will always bother you and you won't be happy in the end.


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