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What is an Article Directory?

They are websites that provide FREE ARTICLES.

Those who own the articles can publish them on the website as a way to bring in traffic and generate profit. Every article placed in the directory will be signed off by the author. This is to enable whoever is reading the article to know who wrote it and how to get in contact with if it is need for their job. Publishing your articles in various directories is the best place to help you earn that extra income.

Why is it good to place an article in an Article Directory?

Placing an article in one or many article directories enable people who are interested in your products or services to read and see your article; they may view you as a professional writer who is expert in this area and will sure to visit your website regularly, if it applies to them. If you are unable to write a good article or do not have any knowledge on the topic that you are promoting, you can always engage a professional writer to write for you. To engage a professional to write good articles, usually will cost more for a start, but if the article is good and there are readers who are interested, your money paid for will eventually breakeven in no time. Be it be through sales or selling your own product or service, everything from then on is an earning.

Let imagine that you are an educator working from home. You write an article on Childhood Education and place it on various article directories. Those who are looking for or keen on reading the topic you wrote will sure be interested to read your articles to find out more. They see that you have the knowledge and skill when writing this topic. Thus they will visit your website or contact you via e-mail or any contactable methods provided. See, you have just gained a new customer by publishing your article in the directory. The new customer may or may not be regular to your article. But they will sure to give you a good profit for at least once.

Since your article is posted on a free article directory, others who have their own websites about Childhood Education will eventually use your article for their website. When using your article, they must attach your name to it, in this way; your article will gain you even more exposure for every website that you re-post your article. This is where more traffic is brought in through other people website.

There are a lot of article directories out there for you to publish your article. It's best that you put a copy of each of your articles on every directory for maximum exposure. This way, it will help to generate more traffic and bring in more customers to your website, which will eventually lead to new orders and more profits.

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