Gadgets For Working Moms

by Lester Voit - Date: 2010-09-29 - Word Count: 518 Share This!

Being a working mom is already hard enough. Working moms need things to take their minds off the monotony and hard work they put in day after day. And what is better than gadgets to alleviate our moods? Here are two must-have gadgets every working mom should get her hands on this week.

The SmartShopper

Face it, you are going to visit the grocery store or supermarket at least once a week. Working moms need a wide variety of goods that are available at a supermarket whether they are eggs, milk, candies for your kids and so forth. The SmartShopper is a new gadget that not only makes shopping easy, but also smarter! This slick gadget creates a grocery list for you rather than you having to write down every single thing that has run out! We all know how difficult it can be to keep track of every single thing in the fridge or pantry as a working mom. There is always something new going on at work every week, and things are just too hectic for a single mother to take note of every item that is running short.

You can place your SmartShopper onto your refrigerator and note items in between meals and grocery store visits so you can keep track of everything. When the time eventually comes to visit the grocery store, you can simply print the list from the SmartShopper.

But it goes beyond just being a conventional shopping list. The SmartShopper enables you to log on different grocery stores online and place an order for everything that you are running short on! For a low price, every item can be brought to your doorstep. And you can do all this without stepping out of your house! This can give you more time to spend where it really counts. Go out for a walk with your children or play some ball in the backyard. SmartShopper will take care of all your shopping needs from now on!

The Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner

Being a working mom, you will spend a good amount of time cleaning up after your children. After all, it is their growing age and it is your responsibility to provide them with a clean and hygienic environment to grow in. The new Ergorapido vacuum cleaner is a 2 in 1 stick vacuum that is cordless!

This product is a creation of Electrolux, which is already a trusted name in households. This vacuum cleaner will make it less of a hassle to clean the place up because you will not have to drag a big canister behind you. All you need to do is plug the Ergorapido in and use it on any surface you want! Cleaning was never this easy and affordable (only for under $100!).

You can even use it on your counter tops because it is so light and portable. With old vacuums, you could never imagine being this mobile in terms of cleaning your house up. It also has a detachable hand held unit for those hard to reach places. All in all your cleaning experience will be revolutionized once you get your hands on the Ergorapido.

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