New and Better Methods of Doing Hair Removal

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Hair removal has been practiced for a long time due to various reasons and there are new and better methods that have been developed to achieve ideal hair removal results. Hair removal is the extraction of hair from the skin and, it is also called depilation. The most popular is shaving and is undertaken by men and women everyday. Men are known to shave their chins while women remove hair in their legs and arms. There are very many reasons why removal of hair is practiced by various people in the society and the major one is for aesthetics or to enable the people look better. It has been a popular culture to look more presentable when you do not have too much facial hair for men and, if they do have it, it is usually different and kempt. This is mostly the case in the urban setting where people have white color jobs. In other cultures, due to their environment and nature of work, shaving may not be common. There are women who have male hormones in them and this causes the growth of beard. This is one of the most common reason why women engage in hair removal.

In ancient Egypt, people used to remove hair to discourage lice and fleas from infesting their bodies. This is because hair is a breeding ground for such parasites and therefore, they did it for hygiene reasons. The Egyptians also depilated for religious reasons. They believed that shaving hair all over would present them more pure before the gods. It is also undertaken for medical reasons and this is evident when surgery of a particular part of the body is being performed. However, it is not very necessary to shave because hair has now been found not to affect the healing process in any significant way. Cancer medication like chemotherapy will cause the hair to fall and the patients shave their heads totally when they experience hair loss. Some patients in anticipation of the treatment, remove the hair in advance.

Women in the ancient times, engaged in hair removal of the pubic area to please the culture that found such women more attractive than others with the hair. Many other cultures engaged in this and going through history books will reveal so much. Many cultures in Africa shaved the heads of widows as a sign of cleansing of bad spirits. When young men prepared for circumcision, removal of hair was paramount to mark the beginning of a new chapter. When transsexuals are preparing for gender reassignment, men must shave their pubic hair to allow the creation of a neovagina. This is a modern culture which is increasingly gaining so much popularity especially in the western world.

Removal of hair is done in the military. This is because of their hectic schedule and it helps to maintain hygiene, it is also a sign of solidarity and it keeps them disciplined and together. There are very many ways to remove hair and you can either do it traditionally or engage in more modern ways. Modern ways include the use of laser which is a revolutionary way to do it because you can have hair removed permanently. There are several parts of the body that hair is usually removed and they include abdomen, back, eyebrows, face, head legs, eyelashes, pubic hair and others. Methods of removing hair come with advantages and disadvantages and the internet has many resources on this subject. Whichever method you use, keep safety first.

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