Try a Water Rowing Machine for the Best Workout Ever!

by David Cowley - Date: 2008-06-01 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Anyone that swims knows that water can be a great form of resistance for those who want an aerobic exercise and resistance training at once.  Rowing machines are great pieces of workout equipment, and a water rowing machine can mean aerobic activity, resistance training, and overall toning in one.

Using a water rowing machine is a lot like rowing in real life.  The faster you go, the more resistance you'll get from the water.  This also means that you can go slower if your level of physical fitness calls for it.  Because you're seated at all times, there is no impact which is good news for those who have problems with their ankles, knees and hips. 

Rowing machines imitate the action of rowing a boat.  Have you ever seen a sculling race that is very popular with the collages in England?  As you watch you will see the rowers sliding back and forth in there chairs as they row with the oars.  This back and forth movement with the lower body along with the rowing action of the upper body provides a total body workout.  This is has been long acknowledged as one of the best types of exercise available.

Some might question the benefit of a water rowing machine, thinking that they just can't get the same workout they do with a treadmill or elliptical machine.  Many people assume that in order to get a good workout you need to be standing up.  However, with a water rowing machine you are working virtually every muscle in your body at the same time.  You push off with your legs and use your entire upper body for the rowing action.

You are getting the aerobic workout when you go faster and are getting resistance training for all your muscle groups as well.  The back of your legs from your feet to your lower back is getting resistance training.  But with a water rowing machine you are also stretching your entire body as well.  Physical therapists use these machines quite frequently as the patient is working all their joints and tendons without putting addition stress on them.  Some who use a water rowing machine report feeling stretched and even relaxed after a workout.

Some may also hesitate to think of using a water rowing machine in their own home, worried about water getting on their floor or about the weight of such a piece of equipment.  In reality they are constructed in such a way that they're more watertight than most waterbeds and while they may be a little heavy when they're full, the water tank of most models of water rowing machines removes easily so you can empty it when you need to move the machine.  They're usually no heavier than a good humidifier.

Consider the great workout that you get with a water rowing machine it's no wonder that many are using this as the main aerobic equipment they have at home and many gyms are adding them to their areas as well.  If you're looking for a great piece of equipment for your own home that offers everything you could want when working out - aerobic training, resistance training, and overall stretching and toning - then why not give one a try?

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