Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory - Does It Exist?

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Perhaps one of the more commonly asked question by people is whether there is such a thing as free reverse cell phone directory. Their hope is that there is one such directory online which they can use to carry out reverse cell number searches for free. The truth will be a disappointment to them as the so-called free reverse cell phone directories online are not able to give them the results they are searching. Read on to find out more.

In order to perform an accurate reverse cell phone lookup, you need to use paid services in order to find that. Those directories that promise they can do so for free are likely to be making misleading claims. The fact is they are either only offering numbers of land lines or at best able to allow you to look up the carrier or issuing location of the phone number but never the owner. The whole idea of the reverse search becomes a meaningless exercise since you are searching for the owner after all.

Why a Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory does not exist at all?

This is a question that has an answer. All the free directories that offer reverse lookup for free are offering details of land line numbers only. There is a clear distinction between land line numbers and cell phone numbers - the classification of the information. Your home telephone number is classified as information under the public domain. This has been a practice for decades now.

This is the reason why no one has ever come to you for permission to publish your telephone number in the phone book. In case you do not know, you need to pay a fee in order to exclude or get your name unpublished or unlisted from phone books.

Cell phone numbers on the other hand are regarded as private numbers. This plus the fact that you are being charged for each call and the duration of call makes it even more important not to make the number easily available. Else, you will have no end to receiving unsolicited calls from telemarketers or just about anyone whom you do not wish to speak to. This is one of the core reasons why it is therefore not easy to trace cell phone numbers.

Heard of Wireless 411 Directory?

Some years ago, there was some buzz in the telecommunications market about consolidating a reverse cell phone directory. All the cell phone service providers would then contribute all the databases so that the directory can be made accessible to anyone. However, for the obvious reason of safeguarding the privacy of individuals, the whole idea was laid to rest.

That said, it would seem improbable for anyone to put together a reverse cell phone directory. Fortunately, it can be done and already has been done by several established online portals. It was and will continue to be a monstrous effort trying to compile and update millions of phone records manually. Since much input and updating is required, such a service is not free. But it is not expensive in case you are wondering. For a low fee, often less than $40, you get to use a reverse cell phone directory.

There are several of such directories in the market. Not everyone has the same comprehensive database except for one. Find out from my search blog to discover which reverse cell phone directory is able to find you the details you need and do so with a 100% guarantee.

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