Scream 4 Fancy Dress Costumes

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Scream 4 is due out in British cinemas in April 2011 and is sure to be a sizeable hit with horror film fans.

The Scream mask and black robe made legendary in the Scream trilogy has become a enormous fancy dress favourite and is sure to pick up another popularity boost following the fourth instalments release.

So how do you construct the complete Scream outfit for your party? Well, in this article we will give you some pointers on the necessary items to construct the perfect Wes Craven tribute costumes.

The costume is in essence a undemanding one, consisting of a black robe and the famous white scream mask. You will need some black clothes for under your robe, jeans and a pullover and shoes or trainers for instance and then the robe itself.

You can make this yourself with a black shower robe or dressing gown if you have one, though they may possibly be a little too thick for the exact result.

You can purchase a fancy dress costume that arrives with the robe and hood already included. The Scream costume for adults comes with a light-weight black robe that ties in the middle and has the elongated jagged sleeves and hood, just like the picture. Now, lets think about the alternatives for the mask.

The Scream costume talked about above has a mask included. It is a faithful re-creation of the mask from the film and is secured by an flexible strap that fits around the back of your head.

If you need to purchase the mask independently, there are a number of different options on hand. The glow in the dark screamer mask can be picked up for under 5.00, although it does have a fairly stretched out face, not quite like the film. It is certainty an option however, if you want to undertake a more comedic rather than frightening approach, to your outfit.

Another take on the picture screamer mask, more appropriate to Halloween, is the Screamer Bleeding Face Mask. The mask has the same look as the others but features streaming blood detail to give an even more scary look.

Finally, no Scream outfit would be total without a weapon. Artificial plastic and inflatable weapons come in all shapes and sizes and it is a issue of individual inclination which sort you accessorise your gear with.

For a completely authentic appearance, choose a knife. The Blood Stained Screamer Knife is a artificial kitchen knife complete with blood tainted tip, a perfect accessory for your Scream garb.

The Horror Knife is also a good alternative weapons wise as well as the Jumbo Metallic Blooded Butchers Knife - certain to send chills through the rest of the group and all obtainable for a few pounds.

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