Basketball Game Courts and Putting Greens Come Home

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For years now the idea of having a realistic synthetic putting green or a basketball court in your own yard was thought to be a luxury. These days Texas Turf Solutions is making that a reality for just about anyone. Swimming pools are a beautiful thing, always nice to look at but the actual time a pool is used has been a major factor in homeowners looking for new backyard entertainment. We offer backyard game courts, tennis courts, putting greens, playground turf and even synthetic lawns or fake grass for a low to zero maintenance backyard environments.


The thought that your kids can play for hours in the safety of their own backyard is leading parents to look at other options than a swimming pool. When a backyard has a basketball court and/or a putting green along with a playground system the age range is dramatically widened. Many game courts have options for volleyball or badminton which even parents and grand parents can take part in. It has been said that the family that plays together stays together; it's actually become a motto in this industry.


When tennis courts started showing up in the backyards of the very wealthy or movie stars they gained the stigma that you were rich if you have a tennis court. A lot of tennis court builders have made good money installing tennis courts for folks who just want to keep up with the 'Jones'.  The design changes started showing up in the early 90's when athletic tile systems started going main stream. By the year 2000 people were not just buying a tennis court, they were getting options for a smaller more appropriate game court that was designed with their family in mind. This is what has elevated our industry to becoming a widespread and accepted option for families looking to invest in their children's development.


Car salesmen are either young and excited or they are seasoned pros, either way you are going to get the car you want nine times out of ten, regardless of the salesman. With backyard recreation a qualified salesman can really help turn your backyard into a haven designed around your family. If no one at your house plays volleyball then the options and cost of your game courts can be reduced. If golf is a serious hobby then you need to know the difference in the synthetic turfs on the market before you make a decision, no serious experienced golfer wants a putt putt course in the backyard. They want a practice green that emulates what they play on at the golf course, with a realistic ball roll to improve their short game.


The options and ideas for backyards these days go beyond game courts and putting greens but the incorporation of one or the other can add beauty and entertainment to your house. Talk to a local game court company and find out what will work with your backyard design. It is a great feeling to work with a family and get to the end result because when the first shot is taken that's when the games begin!

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