Girls Are Goddesses Too! Acknowledging the Essence of Pubescence

by Elizabeth Stahl - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 886 Share This!

Recently a friend's daughter said to her mother, that she was 'half way to being a woman'. She was talking about her upcoming 10th Birthday and she wanted to do something special to celebrate her newly emerging womanhood. So her mother called me and the Girls and Goddesses Party was born.

Girls are Goddesses too. They are the maiden Goddesses in the wheel of Life, growing from maiden to mother to grandmother. The essence of these young Goddesses is synonymous with springtime, the waxing Moon, puberty and beginning menstruation. They are the innocence and grace of girlhood, the lovers of animals, play and delight and at the same time, young women faced with very adult themes surfacing in the air around them. The maiden is the burgeoning young woman. For Girls, this is the time when they are on the cusp; their sexuality is awakening, their bodies are changing and their thoughts about life and their rightful place in it are coming to the surface. It is a discovery period, it is a rite of passage, it is a crossroads in their lives.

There seems to be a very true theme for girls going through puberty. The playful, joyful, active, happy, curious and easily humored child begins to change, conform, harbor doubt, disconnect and a very special part of them goes into hiding. Issues of self-esteem, disempowerment and feelings of not being good enough that many women carry with them throughout their lives begins here, right here at this place of the Goddess Emerging, the maiden stepping through the labyrinth of puberty.

Sprouting out of the haze of childhood and into the world of growing bodies and breasts, menstruation, hormones and feelings of doubt and discomfort about it all, our girls are really dealing with a lot, we dealt with a lot too! For the first time in their lives they are no longer the androgynous beings who can equal or best the boys in every way, for the first time they are being looked upon as sexual beings, in a still male dominated culture. Do they feel safe? Do they feel confused? Do they feel suddenly different and insecure? I think many of them do and as with all crossroads this can be a challenging awakening. The truest remedy I can offer is this: Girls, Women, Grandmothers, WORK ON YOUR SELF-ESTEEM! Continue to bud and grow beautiful! Continue to evolve and discover what you love to do and do it with joy, passion and purpose. This is the remedy for building your power.

Self-Esteem is something we build, it takes time, effort and intention.Where as we are born with our self worth already in tact, self-esteem is something you build as you grow. How do we do this? By doing things we are proud of; by having dreams, goals and visions for ourselves, and by focusing our intentions and actions towards manifesting them.

Judith Duerk, the author of Circle of Stones asks, "How might your life be different if there had been a place for you? A Place for you to go…a place of women, to help you learn the ways of woman…a place to be nurtured." How might your life be different, if within the essence of pubescence you discovered a sacred space of women, a place where you belong, a place of celebration and empowerment?

One of my roles as a guide for girls is offering the experience of a sacred circle. A circle of women, friends, elders and youngers celebrating and honoring girlhood together. It is important to share stories and pride ourselves on our own gifts and talents and it is important to honor our wonderful accomplishments and special friendships.

I believe that as girls step forward on their journey towards womanhood, ready to blossom forth in the world, they deserve their own special ceremony that honors their rite of passage.

The Sacred Circle for women and girls is a place to talk about our uniqueness, it is a place to explore wisdom, creativity, importance, self-esteem and personal power, it is place of mystery that unfolds as we step through each level of growth. It is part game, part ritual, part ceremony, part play.

As we talk about our mothers and grandmothers, we begin to look at the women we love and what makes them so special, we look at the gifts of the women we come from and are becoming. When we explore the myths of Goddesses, we find the mirror for ourselves and powerful role models of the feminine essence.When we communicate with other girls and women, we discover again that we are not alone, we know we are safe in our shared connection. Bonds of friendship, a sense of self-empowerment and core values arise and the girls are rapt in the process of these unfolding stories. Stories of Goddesses, mothers, grandmothers and each other.

The sacred circle evokes a memory to the ancient circles and wisdoms of women throughout time.

It is essential work, reminding our young women to treasure and hold sacred just how powerful and precious they are, helping our girls to be strong and stay strong throughout their lives. In the throws of puberty there is no greater time than now to celebrate and support the unfolding flower that blossoms before our very eyes.

Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth Let there be Beauty and Strength within YOU!

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Elizabeth Stahl, B.A., N.H.C., is the creator and facilitator of "My Goddess Party", Star of Aphrodite Life Coaching, The Sacred Woman's Circle and The Girls and Goddesses Parties - for girls ages 10 and up. Elizabeth has 16 years of experience in the Natural Health Field specializing in Women's Health and Wellness. She combines her practice as a Natural Health Consultant (NHC), with her Life Coaching practice, Goddess Parties and Sacred Women's Circles. Elizabeth infuses Girls and Women with the essence of their divine feminine spirit and encourages their growth towards the women they want to be.

She is available for private sessions, group work, classes and Virtual Goddess Parties.

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