Destination Bride-A Complete Guide To Planning Your Wedding Anywhere In The World-Book Review

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While it is the accustomed ritual to get married in one's hometown near family and friends, why not go all out and get married far from home, in an exotic or unforgettable place that is new to the bridal party, since a wedding is once in a lifetime experience? In "Destination Bride" the author, Lisa Light, addresses just that idea.

This book is valuable because of the author's down to earth explanations and her giving detailed information on prior preparations and wedding destinations with important facts about marriage laws, currency exchanges, and wedding and religious customs. Lisa Light gives a wedding its importance due with a straight tone, but without turning it into a puffed up fairy tale dreamy thing. She also advises against the costs, warning that such a wedding will be costly. Some tips are truly helpful and one cannot find them any place else. For example: "Stay in communication with all your guests during the months and weeks leading to the wedding."

As romantic as getting married in a far away exotic country may be, this type of an affair can be even more difficult to plan than a conventional wedding and many bumps on the road to preparations may rise up suddenly. For example, what if the marriage documents from a certain place is not considered legal in your own country?

Still, Light offers a doable approach to planning such a wedding. First, she needs for the bride-and-groom-to-be to plan everything on paper, putting things down in five phases:
Phase 1: Things to do--twelve months before
Phase 2: Destination research--eight months before
Phase 3: Your Team and details--ten, nine, and eight months before
Phase 4: Confirmation and final payments--one month to one week before
Phase 5: Coordination--five days to one day before.

The book is in two major parts. In the first part, advice for planning, strategies, and general information is offered. The second part of the book is like a travel manual, presenting information on possible wedding destinations. These destinations are global and are in all continents.

When Light suggests a country, she gives quite well-rounded information about that country, with a map, country overview, notes for planning the wedding there and ideas on design. She also names planning resources like the embassies and gives information about possible hotels and other places for guests.

In the conclusion of the book, some other truly original ideas and suggestions on wacky weddings, on or under the ocean weddings, weddings while flying are given.

The appendix at the end of the book is another valuable resource giving the names and links of associations, sites, wedding service providers, cruise lines, wedding insurance, and more.

"Destination Bride" is 383 beautiful pages in paperback with ISBN: 1558707034. Maps, color photos, effective page design, glossy high-grade paper make this book a comprehensive resource for discovering the appeal of far away wedding destinations.

The author, Lisa Light, is a respected destination wedding planner and authority who has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC's World News Tonight and Inside Edition. Light has been featured in Elegant Bride, Modern Bride, The Wall Street Journal, Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style, and The Los Angeles Times. She writes a regular column for Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine.

I plan to keep "Destination Bride" as a tabletop book in the living area of my home. After all, I still have a son left who is not married.

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