Maximuscle Cyclone Bars

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Maximuscle Cyclone Bars from Maximuscle Ltd

A high-performance muscle growth bar to support your strength, size, power and recovery goals.

Cyclone bars are a convenient muscle & strength snack. They're guaranteed to help you optimise the results you get from your weight training and nutrition plan.

How Cyclone bars can help you:
High protein for lean muscle growth
Packed with 23g of high quality protein per bar to support lean muscle growth and recovery
Creatine for strength and power - to support gains in strength and power
Each bar is loaded with 5g of creatine monohydrate to support gains in muscle and strength.
Glutamine for growth and recovery
To aid muscle repair and recovery, each Cyclone bar contains 2g of glutamine which is condsidered by many nutrition experts to be an important nutrient for anyone taking part in regular intense exercise.
HMB(r) to prevent muscle breakdown
HMB has been included to prevent muscle breakdown and assist muscle repair after exercise.

Recommended Use
For best results eat two bars per day as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks in between meals.
Maximuscle Cyclone Bars can be combined with Maximuscle Cyclone powder:

The UK's No.1 all-in-one muscle-growth shake to support rapid gains in lean muscle, strength and power.

Cyclone is a convenient muscle and size shake that's guaranteed to help you optimise the results you get from your weight training and nutrition plan. With over 1.5 million tubs sold, Cyclone has been delivering results for over 10 years and has been proven to significantly reduce muscle stiffness after training.
How Cyclone can help you
High in protein - High in Biomax whey protein

Packed with 60g of the finest protein per daily serving to support lean muscle growth and recovery.
Maxpure(r) creatine

Loaded with 10g of the highest quality Maxpure creatine monohydrate per daily serving for increased strength and power.
Rich in glutamine

To aid muscle repair and recovery, Cyclone contains 10g of glutamine per daily serving. Glutamine is considered by many nutrition experts to be essential for anyone exercising regularly. Glutamine reduces the risk of overtraining as well as supporting your natural immune defences and is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue.

Contains 3g of HMB per daily serving to reduce muscle breakdown soreness, improve muscle strength and assist in muscle repair after exercise. One study shows that HMB and creatine taken together are better than HMB alone at increasing strength and will help you build muscle faster compared to just using HMB.
Beta-ecdysterone (Suma-extract)

A naturally occurring plant sterol that helps protect against free radical damage during intense workouts and which many customers feel is useful to support their muscle goals. Ideal for rugby players, bodybuilders, boxers and martial artists.
Creatine absorption system

Contains a precise blend of nutrients designed to increase creatine uptake in your muscles to allow faster, better results than creatine alone.
No side effects

There are no low grade proteins, allowing customers to enjoy gains without experiencing stomach upsets, wind or bloating.
Research Proven

After exercising regularly and using Cyclone daily, 8 out of 10 people saw an increase in muscle size, while 8 out of 20 people felt more powerful in the gym after 3 weeks*.

*online survey conducted by Zoomerang on 123 men who exercise regularly and use Cyclone daily (2009)
Recommended Use

For best results take 2 servings a day. One at breakfast and another between meals or after training. One serving = 1.5 scoops. Mix with 350-400ml of cold water. For Best results, mix in a Maximuscle shaker.

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