Brazil Beach Paradise: Trindade

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Only 15 miles south of the popular colonial town of Paraty, is the small fishing village of Trindade. This charming village boats some of the most beautiful beaches in the Green Coast area of Brazil, renowned for its stunning beaches. Sweeping crescents of fine white sand flanked by lush mountains covered in tropical rain forest and beautiful tranquil turquoise coves perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving welcome lucky visitors who visit this seaside Atlantic stretch of coast. There are six main beaches close to Trinidade and some have bigger waves ideal for surfers and kitesurfers, and some are ideal for swimming. One of the more secluded and remote beaches is used for nude sunbathing.

One of the most attractive things about Trindade is the natural swimming pools, the best of which are in Cachadaco beach. The pools are actually sea water enclosed by large rocks, creating a calm and tranquil pool where travelers can swim or snorkel in a safe and relaxing location.

Athletic guests will also find great hiking terrain full of birds and wildlife which lead to beautiful and remote waterfalls. There are two main waterfalls in the area and the most popular one allows travelers to disappear under the river via the famous swallowing rock, climb into a cave behind the waterfall, or enjoy a small waterslide. The second waterfall is much less visited and perfect for a peaceful outdoor adventure.

There is a bus that takes travelers to Trinidade from Paraty. It leaves every 40 minutes from Trinidade beginning around 5am and the last one leaves slightly after 11pm. Another option is to take a boat tour from Paraty to Trinidade. Paraty is a popular destination for beach lovers because although the lovely town does not have any major beaches within its limits it is close to 65 islands and over 300 beaches.

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