Press Release, Still Alive Heads To Telemundo TV

by ERIC DE FONTENAY - Date: 2008-07-31 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

"STILL ALIVE," the international Reggaeton and Hip-Hop group from Cali, Colombia, is putting down all the funky beats & Latin rhymes like never before... are scheduled to appear on Telemundo's Discontrol TV program on 8-6-2008 in LA, California and scheduled for other appearances in LA that week...please see our Myspace for more details....

SUNDAY, MAKLIKY, BIGDAY, AND RJ, who are all family related, make up this unique and hot Reggaeton/Hip-Hop music group called "STILL ALIVE." "We got the 'Flo' and now we are in the playoffs, and its time to get real serious and take this thing to a whole different level," states SUNDAY, lead singer for STILL ALIVE. The group has been performing and blowing-up the clubs in Phoenix, AZ since arriving in AZ. Group arrived into AZ 6-2008 after performing/marketing out in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. STILL ALIVE continues to stay busy and in the mix- scheduled for a big event in Richmond, VA in the later part of 8-2008.

Patrón Records CEO, Abel Romero, states, "Yeah, we are real busy now; we have our plate full, but we are focused and determined. We are on a collision-course to move-up in the music industry.... We are getting things done in a timely manner. Company wise, we have more representation and promotion going on now.... We always keep our options open and continue to expand; we are looking for creative new talent for 2009. We are expanding more now and so we are accepting offers and submitting offers (sending a message) to all music Labels, companies, and investors - "If you are interested in doing a business deal, collaboration, and/or investment with our label (and artists) please let us know and forward your info and offer to me at "

With the completion of their first CD, "Un Nuevo Estilo," (a new style) STILL ALIVE continues to write and create their own original and cutting-edge music; they are presently working on over 400 songs....

Their high-energy, originality, sound & style are catching people's attention across the country and even around the world; world radio stations are requesting their music and National Record Pools have already categorized their music as a 'Pick Hit'- a 'BIG Hit'....

The Cutting Edge....The group cuts and mixes Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin rhymes, and various Spanish music styles with their own unique style of Reggaeton so def that party-goers and clubs can't get enough....requesting STILL ALIVE to play more of their songs before they get off the stage....Still Alive has nearly one million hits on their Myspace- "PatronRecordsInc" Their Single Debut, "Lady," with their stylish "LADY" remix video, which was shot on location in Colombia and which has lots of gorgeous (hot) Colombian Lady's , and are making some lasting impressions on the music scene and every where they go and perform..... "LADY" (remix video)

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