MLM Training - The Best MLM Leads for Your Business

by Richard Knight - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

If you've ever purchased MLM leads or even generated leads for your business than you know that all leads are not created equal - some are absolutely great and others absolutely STINK.

Now before you think this is some pitch for some MLM lead company it's not, so listen up…

While I was building my MLM business there was always a certain group of people that seemed to ALWAYS respond better than anyone else.

Do you "wanna" know who these people were?

It's real simple - "Proven Buyers". That's right, people who have shown that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is and buy into an MLM business opportunity. (Not just people who filled out a form to get more information)

Here's something most network marketers don't know…

Your real target market for anything you promote whether its for your business opportunity or your products are people who have purchased the same product or a similar product in the past.

Who's more likely to buy, someone who filled out a form "to get more info about arthritis" or someone who has actually shelled out money on arthritis medicine in the past?

And it's the same for your business opportunity. When you target proven business opportunity buyers (other networkers) believe it or not but you deal with less tire kickers and looky loo's which you'll typically find with "opportunity seeker leads".

Listen to this, for the past 2 years I promoted an advanced MLM training course. When I first started out, I generated my own leads of networkers who were "interested in learning how to expand their business" do you know how many people I had to go through just to make 1 sale… too many.

So I tried a different approach. I targeted people who had already purchased an MLM training course in past and let me tell you, with the results I got, I became a believer.

As you can see it doesn't matter what you're promoting, this principle works. If you promote a weight loss product your target market should consist of people who purchased other weight loss products in the past (i.e. - SlimFast customers, TrimSpa customers, etc.)

So if you're promoting your MLM business opportunity than your target market should consist of people who've bought into an MLM business opportunity before (other networkers).


Because, they don't need to be sold on anything, they know how it works, how they're going to get paid and best of all they've shown that they WILL take action if something makes sense to them.

So stop wasting your time targeting the wrong MLM leads for your business (opportunity seekers - people who have only proven that they know how to fill out a form) and target the right leads to your business "proven business opportunity buyers" (other networkers - people who have already proven that they can and will spend money on a business opportunity).

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