5 Essential Tools For Successful Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning is not an easy undertaking, it requires months of preparations, decision making and organization. Your wedding will be the biggest party you are ever likely to throw and naturally you will want to make it extra special. So with this in mind it pays to utilize any tools available to you to help make your wedding planning as easy as possible.

Check out these 5 essential wedding planning tools even if you are halfway through planning your wedding day.

1. Wedding Planning Guides: if you have never had any experience of organizing a wedding then it can be like trying to find your way in the dark and most brides are astounded at just how much goes into planning their special day. This is where getting hold of a wedding planning guide can be worthwhile. The internet is a good place to find free to download ebooks or available for a small fee. Alternatively purchase a wedding planning book which maybe more extensive - good if you are having a particularly large wedding or something other than the traditional white western style wedding.

2. Checklists: these lists are the most useful tool you can have in your wedding planning arsenal. Essentially they will provide you with an easy to view list of everything that needs to be done and in a time ordered fashion according to when your wedding day is. Again the internet is a great place to download these for free or look out for them in wedding magazines.

3. Budget Planner: your budget will govern everything you want and everything you can afford to have! So you will need to itemize everything to do with your wedding and apply a cost to it, this is where a budget planner comes in. When you begin planning your wedding filling out a budget planner will be one of your first tasks and will show you how much your dream wedding will cost. Again you can get a generic budget planner from the internet or from magazines or books.

4. Notebook: get yourself a handy notebook and pen which you can keep in your handbag so you have it with you at all times. There are notebooks available which have been printed specifically for wedding planning purposes but a plain book is equally as good. Use your notebook to write down all your ideas, useful information such as phone numbers, websites, addresses etc and record details such as appointments, names and important dates. Your notebook will become an essential tool and also a nice keepsake for after the wedding day.

5. Scrapbook: a wedding scrapbook is a great way of 'designing' your wedding. Go through your magazines, books and print pictures off the internet of ideas and products you like, these could include wedding dresses, bridesmaid attire, flowers, cakes, wedding favors and decorations. You can then stick these into your scrapbook helping you to create the look and style you want for your wedding day. When you meet with vendors such as your florist, cake maker and dress designer/retailer you can show them your scrapbook so they can get an idea of what you are looking for - it is much easier than trying to explain something to them!

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