How to Make Baby Diaper Cakes

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Diaper cakes really make a perfect showpiece and are a brilliant addition to the baby shower. Whether you are an expecting mother or attending a baby shower party, diaper cake is an absolute gift for the yet to be born baby. Here are few directions using which you can easily start making a diaper cake at home.

To start with, you need to gather few ingredients and put and behold them together and within few minutes, you will be already with a baby shower cake. The ingredients include:

50 medium sized disposable diapers,
16" cardboard platter, rubber bands,
5 to 6 feet long of ¼ inch to ½-inch ribbon,
8-10 feet long and 1-inch wide ribbon,
A baby bottle,
Small candies sufficient to fill a baby bottle,
Both sided adhesive tape and
Baby items such as booties, pacifiers, brush, comb, rattles and nail clippers.

Start Making A Diaper Cake:

Roll all diapers into stiff rolls and secure them with rubber bands. Make three layers of diapers in same way. Fill baby bottle with different candies. Place this bottle in the center of five to six diapers. Tie bottle as well as diapers properly with 1-inch ribbon. This is the first tier while making a diaper cake.

To make a second tier, you need to use 15 diapers. Tie this layer together using a narrow ribbon. For third tier, use 27 diapers but make a center and tie it also together. Next, you need to place diapers around the circle and fasten them together. Finish the layer by adding another third line of diapers around the circle and fasten it using a narrow ribbon.

Take the platter and put tape pieces over it. Place first layer of baby cake on the platter. Add few more pieces and place the next layer. Like wise, include the third layer. Tuck all baby items around the cake. Finish your diaper cake by tying one-inch ribbon around every layer.

Therefore, start making a diaper cake at home and make the baby shower dayF a very special and memorable one.

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