When Blue Topaz Jewelry Is Best (or At Least, A Good Bet)

by Ainsley Howard - Date: 2008-11-10 - Word Count: 569 Share This!

Blue is a very strong color with equally strong connotations in various cultures. You will not find this surprising as we live in the Blue Planet itself! Thus, you hear of blue bloods, bluegrass, blue baby, and blue book that attest to how pervasive the color is in culture.

That said, here are some instances when blue topaz jewelry is the best gift for men, women and children. Or at least, a good bet when you are in a pinch.

Texas Blues

When you want to give the gift of jewelry to a true-blue Texan, blue topaz jewelry is an excellent choice. After all, blue topaz is the state gemstone of Texas! You can even have it custom-made such that the Lone Star cut is incorporated into the gemstone.

Watch his or her eyes shine at the sight of the Texas gemstone when you present it. Maybe become as big as the state itself. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Down in the Dumps Blues

Well, of course, even the cheeriest of optimists among us will go through the blues once in their lifetime. Nobody can be Miss Eternal Sunshine forever, you know!

However, you can cheer up a friend by giving them blue topaz jewelry with a good joke about being blue to make them blue in the face from laughing. Oh, you might encounter some resistance but that is what a friend is for - to stay by a friend's side through sad times.

If that does not work and you suspect clinical depression, then you need to advice about seeing a professional therapist. You can only do so much to help especially when psychological problems beyond your ken take place.

Blue Professions

For psychics, the color blue represents spirituality and social service. If you have friends who are social workers, counselors, writers, psychologists and teachers, then blue topaz jewelry can be the better choice.

You can even tell them the significance of the color blue in relation to their professions, as the psychics will have it. Besides, nobody can really go wrong with jewelry as gifts because one size fits all.

Democrat Blues

Oh, this does not pertain to the fall of democracies and people feeling all blue because of the loss of freedom. This is about the two-party system of the United States where Democrats are blue and Republicans are red.

You can give blue topaz jewelry to your Democrat family and friends to denote their political inclinations. Your gift will last beyond Presidential Elections since jewelry knows no political colors in the modern sense.

Religious Blues

For Judaism, blue is the color of God's Glory. It is even said that in meditation, staring at blue brings glimpses of the glory of God in His Throne. That said, you can give your spiritually-inclined friends the gift of topaz jewelry in its blue form.

Blue Births

This does not pertain to either the birth of blue bloods or the birth of premature babies. You can discard that notion right about?now.

Instead, think of birthstones and birthdays. You can give jewelry with blue topaz for those born in November since it is the birthstone of that month, per Western traditions. However, you can also give blue topaz to people born on a Friday since that is the color of the day, per Eastern traditions, specifically Thai.

And these, ladies and gentlemen, are the best times to give blue topaz jewelry. You will never go wrong with it!

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