All You Need To Know About Nervous Anorexia - Part Two

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How could parents be responsible for their children's Anorexia and how?

Studies concerning factors leading towards Anorexia have proven there is no direct connection between the disease and parenting; anorexia is mainly influenced by inherited genetically predisposition. Parents though play an important role as a guide, a model and an instructor when it comes to establishing certain eating habits. In their early years children count on their parents support to shape their personality concerning healthy eating habits, body image, how to manage their own weight and generally a healthy lifestyle. Parents are also the most indicated to observe and control their child, to make sure this kind of problems never occur or at least to contribute to a rapid and lasting recuperation.

The parent's support mostly counts for young children and teenagers still living in the family. Their help consists in a sympathetic approach, a supportive manner of being there.

There is a series of mistaken conceptions quoting anorexic people do not eat or they are very thin even emaciated or even they are untreatable. None of these thoughts are true! They can easily interfere in diagnosing and curing Anorexia, improving life quality and sometimes saving a child's life .

Can Anorexia be cured? If early detected and efficiently treated 80%of the cases of Anorexia can be cured, and a share of 50% even permanently stops having any kind of problems concerning eating habits. The remaining 30% are curable but they have to be observed for a larger period of time in order to make sure the emotional problems that caused the Anorexia completely disappear.

How is it possible to recognize a case of Anorexia? In the beginning the child starts being preoccupied with weight control and even obsessed with all kinds of issues concerning food. Their behavior changes into a moody one and the patient shows signs of anxiety and pathological fear. In most of the cases when clinical signs appear the disease is already present and can no longer be prevented, it can only be cured. That is why all signs and all changes in the child's behavior must be taken into consideration and used for an efficient treatment.

The first symptoms of a digestive disorder often appear at home not in front of the doctor that is why the family is such am important factor in an early diagnosis as well as in developing both physically and emotionally health. A well treated child will develop into a healthy adult with normally eating and living habits while the family will live under the impression of "getting their child back". Also the child seems to get back its personality and its life as it was before the illness. The healing process is a Step-BY-Step process in which the parents usually play the most important role.

Do you suspect Anorexia in your child or even in yourself? Here's a short examination quiz for you to analyze whether you or your child have any chances at all to develop an eating related disease:

Are you concerned about your appearance?

Do you usually appeal to food-related items to resolve problems of other nature?

You spend much time grooming and preening?

Do you eat certain kind of food for improving facade?

Are your actions concerning exercise and eating unbendable or irrational?

Do you show unreasonableness and radicalism in other domains too?

Have you noticed melancholy and irritability?

How can we react when we suspect Anorexia? Relatives and parents are most indicated to take action in saving youngsters suffering from Anorexia which cannot or will not care for them and recognize they have a problem. Adults must understand first what they are dealing with, inform about Anorexia, Take over, and know what they have to look at, have a light conversation with the child without blaming him for it and explaining the steps to its healing. Also a parent who confronts such a problem must search for professional help as soon as possible.

Never forget that Anorexia is often a way to handle and try to solve other kinds of problems. We must always find other better ways to solve emotional issues without trying to heal depression or nervousness by eating. Anorexia is a complicated desease and therefore it requires a multidisciplinary team consisting out of a nutritionist, a medical doctor and also a psychotherapist.

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