5 Keys To A Successful Ezine

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5 Keys To A Successful Ezine
By Al Martinovic

There are 5 basic keys you need for your ezine to be
successful and here they are though not necessarily in
this order.

1- Hosting
You need good reliable hosting for your website. You
don't want to lose subscribers because your site is
always down. Not only that... it's unprofessional.

Why should someone listen to what you have to say in
your ezine when you can't even get the basics of having
your website operational?

2- Autoresponders
You want to automate everything. An autoresponder will
send a confirmation email when someone subscribes. It
will handle removal requests and if it has a broadcast
feature you can even send out your ezine through it.

You may need multiple autoresponders as you will find
that there will be many things you want automated such
as when you are offering a free report, or confirmation
of an ad someone placed in your ezine... the list can
go on and on.

3 - Tracking
You may want to track the ads you place when promoting
your ezine to find out what ad(s) pull well for you and
which don't. You don't want to be wasting your time on
ads that don't work. When you find an ad that pulls
well... go all out on it.

4 - Products
As you start to grow your ezine and build a
relationship with your subscribers you need to offer
them products. After all... you are in this to make

You can create your own products around your list, get
resale rights to an existing product to offer to your
list or you can join an affiliate program.

Now, I admit... 1-4 can get pretty expensive especially
if you are on a tight budget.

TIP #1: You can go here and get all of what I just
mentioned in one package and it's super cheap.


5 - Leads
Every ezine no matter how big or small needs no or low
cost ways of attracting more subscribers.

You can advertise your ezine by submitting to ezine
directories, announcement lists, by writing articles,
or doing joint ventures such as ad swaps just to name a
few. The problem is... all of this can become time

TIP #2: There is a software that will automate your
entire submission process to everything I just


TIP #3: There is a site that will bring you new
subscribers for only 5 minutes of work.


There you have it. By no means is this a complete list
but by getting the basics down and following the TIP's
I just mentioned, you are well on your way to a
profitable ezine.

Al Martinovic has helped numerous individuals succeed
online. Send a blank email to get his powerful report
"How To Make Money Online With Any Product Or Service
Without Spending A Dime In Advertising"

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