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There are many locations around the world where people go scuba diving. Many travel and tour operators have scuba diving packages that include travel, stay, food, and diving gear as well. The inclusion of a guide and maybe an instructor is always a part and parcel of the package. Some scuba diving packages also include an insurance policy as well.

Scuba diving is an adventure sport that can be undertaken by anyone fit enough for the sport and with the proper training that is necessary prior to donning the scuba suit. Scuba diving has its own share of hazards and thrills. It is important to know the basic rules of scuba diving and never deviate from them, as that can prove to be disastrous. What a Scuba Diving Package Will Include

Typical scuba diving packages will include about seven nights in a suit in a good hotel, six days unlimited shore diving, airport transfers, and taxes. Many scuba diving packages include incentives such as if there is a second diver sharing the hotel room the second diver is exempt from certain fees during certain months of the year. These months are typically May, June, August, and September.

Many scuba diving packages also have a compulsory scuba diving insurance that the divers must buy. These diving insurance policies are invariably very cheap, but you must keep in mind the dangers involved with the sport. These packages include accommodations in the resort, 3 full American meals per day, six days of three single-tank boat dives, dive shop hours limited diving, two single-tank night boat dives, buoyancy control workshop and weights, belt, tank, and a guide.

Make The Enquiries Before Departing Or Paying

Asking the relevant questions pertaining to the pickup and dropoff from the airport or railway station, the type of hotel or resort the accommodation is going to be provided in, the choice of food that is going to be offered, whether the diving is going to be a guided one, if the scuba diving equipment is going to be provided by the tour operator, and if there is going to be a charge. Many scuba diving packages promise the moon but when the divers reach the destination, the small print is suddenly highlighted and there goes the fun of the vacation.

Once you have your facts clear, you are off to a fun-filled scuba diving vacation and some good underwater sightseeing.

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