Art Garfunkel Tickets-a Lovermaker's Musician is Also a Lovemaker's Actor

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For generations of teens and college-age music listeners, Simon and Garfunkel have been two of the most important singer/songwriters in pop history. Those years when we're most lacking the words necessary to describe the turbulence of our lives are the ones they founded their careers on, providing not just words but whole lyrics to explaining what was going on around us and what it meant to grow up and fall in love.

Simon and Garfunkel, of course, eventually went their separate ways. But Garfunkel, in addition to remaining a musical presence, dabbled in film as well. Not surprisingly, the roles he took on were ones that played on the figure of the hopeless romantic-though sometimes with a much darker bent.

Though most people only see him perform when they get Art Garfunkel tickets, it's worth checking out some of his performances in the classic films he starred in-most notably, Carnal Knowledge.

The first was released in 1971, and if it's known at all by anyone who was born after 1960, it's because The Wonder Years once crafted an episode around the fascination the film had for pubescent boys at the time. With a name like Carnal Knowledge, they naturally assumed (hoped for?) the worst.

The movie was indeed rife with carnality, but it was mostly about two louts whose sexist ideals leave them emotionally arrested throughout their entire lives. The film follows boastful Jonathon (played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson) and the weak-willed sycophant Sandy (Garfunkel) from college to their middle ages-and see relatively little maturity going on. As an analysis of gender politics and the stubbornness or stupidity of men that cuts them off from love and real growth, the film could not be better. A lot of that has to do with Garfunkel's puppy-dog character, who looks up to Jonathon without ever realizing they're playing a silly competitive game through dating. Who will get the better looking trophy girlfriend? It's all quite sordid and depressing in the end, but also intelligently directed (it was Mike Nichols' breakthrough picture) and Garfunkel shines in it.

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