You Can Write Your Own EBook to Make Money Online

by Derek Wood - Date: 2007-05-04 - Word Count: 774 Share This!

That's right - how to write your own ebook and sell it online.

Yes, You can write your very own income producing ebook

In case you're thinking, "but I have permanent writer's block, or I am no good at selling things", No worries - I am going to show you how to do it; right here, right now.

First you will need to decide what topic you can write about.

Choosing a suitable topic will often be the toughest step you will encounter. You must take time and make the decision carefully about your topic. Take a few minutes to brainstorm the topics.

What are some areas that you know more about than everyone else you know? Pet training? Capentry? Backyard Photography? Image Editing? Imagine the ebook "How to Train Your Dog to Stop Biting in 60 Days or Less" or "How to Refinish Your Own Kitchen Cabinets - At Almost No Cost" or "Everything You Need to Know About Image Editing" or "How to Program Your Computer Like A Pro".

Try to make a list at least 5 different things you are skilled at. Once you have this list, simply plug in the area of expertise and the benefits into this formula: "How to ___________ so that ___________". For example: "How to Teach Math so That Your Child Does Better in School", or "How to Insulate Your Home to Save on Your Heating Bill", or "How to Grow a Vegetable Garden Indoors". This will become your title.

Now that you have this done, write down ten things you know about that topic. Arrange them either in chronological order or in the order someone should learn them.

For example "How to Buy Your First Digital Camera":

1) How to decide what features are right for you
2) How to choose which camera manufacturer
3) How to choose the best camera for a budget
4) How to use your camera like a pro

and so on (I do not know much about digital cameras, but if you do, finish the list and then write the book)

Once you have come up with your list of several focal points (or more if you need them), next you will need to think of at least 6 sub headings - things that a person would do to learn what you are discussing in that topic.

To see an example, sticking with the digital camera ebook:

How to decide what features are right for you

1) The most common feature you will need
2) Advantages to having specific features
3) Disadvantages of different features
4) Can too many feature be too much
and so on.

Now it is time for the next hardest part, the actual process of writing your new ebook. Notice that by now you have at least 50 or more really selective sub-categories about which you will write about. Now you will try to write around 500 words about each sub-category. If you determine that the mini-topic needs to have any more than 500-700 words to get your point across; then by all means break it into multiple headings. Don't worry about organizing the book - besides you have already spent time organizing the entire book in the beginning, remember? Make sure to write about each area.

You do not have to cover these themes in any given order, just write the section you are the most comfortable with. Once you are done writing each topic, double-check it (have someone else proofread it too) and then get ready to publish your new ebook.

Once you are finished the ebook, you will have to convert it to a PDF File. There are a number of PDF conversions programs available online, or you can use the one from Adobe.

The next step will involve getting a website and a sales page. Don't let the words 'sales page' scare you. You can literally create a sales page from your list of key points and sub-topics that you already had before you started writing the ebook. Simply write a letter letting the reader know what they will be learning from your ebook, and again, have someone else proofread your sales letter too. That letter should contain the following criteria:

A brief description of your ebook's contents.
A list of what the reader will learn to apply through your ebook.
Any testimonials about how your ebook has helped someone else.
A guarantee.
A link to some form of payment processing, like Paypal, Clickbank, or some other processing method.

Now you can upload the page to your web site, write a few articles about your area of expertise, and submit these to online article directories that have a readership that matches your targeted reading market of your ebook. Make sure to include a link back to your sales page, and watch the traffic add up!

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