Why Go To College?

by Moussa Ba - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 282 Share This!

Education is an investment, though, and the fact is that while people pay a lot to go college, they get a lot more over the span of their careers than those who don't. IT professionals have options when it comes to charting career paths. They can go to a technical institute or spend their first two years at a community college. Colleges offer the chance to develop interpersonal skills that are reused throughout life experience that money really can not buy, and no degree can validate. Certifications do not carry the same recognition.

Many technology professionals simply don't think the skills and knowledge covered by a computer sciences degree or a related course of study give a competitive edge in the IT labor market. Colleges and universities struggle to keep their IT curricula up to date because of a combination of the rapid pace of change in technology and the often rigid structure of academic environments.

Obtaining a college degree still costs more and takes longer than most IT certifications. The tuition costs are increasing much faster than income growth (not including room and board, books etc.). Knowing that about a grand or two can get you a certification, what will you do when face the choice of spending an average of about $22,000 to attend a college for four years?
Values of most of today's certifications degrade over time, sometimes amazingly quickly with the fast pace of change in technology.
Pursuing a certification might be the correct first step for ones to get in the door and renew at 2 or 3 years intervals; but once you earn a college degree, it's yours for life and will not ever be taken from you.

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