Success Principle: you Have to Market yourself

by Cheryl A. Clausen - Date: 2007-08-05 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

A top success principle is you have to be able to market yourself. It doesn't matter if you own your own business, you're a politician, or if you're an employee; the better you are at marketing yourself the quicker your rate of success. This may be a strange concept to you at first, but just realize that marketing is all about establishing your uniqueness in the world, and then being able to communicate your message to the people who find value in what you have to offer. The more unique or special you are the more valuable you are, and success is a natural product of that uniqueness or rarity.

Having a product, service, or skill and then trying to find someone to sell it to doesn't work it's contrary to the success principle of being able to market yourself. That backward approach never works in spite of the best efforts of many inventors and companies that think if they build it people will come. Rather you need to know and understand what people need and want first, and then figure out how you can give it to them. Only after you thoroughly understand their needs are you prepared to develop a product, service, or skill that fits those needs.

In order to apply this success principle you need to do a little homework or research first. Begin by identifying the specific group of people you want to work with. This is a lot easier when you happen to be a member of the group of people you want to reach out to. Learn enough about those people to understand the problems, challenges, and needs they have. Then and only then are you ready to begin to think about how you can communicate your ability to fulfill that need through your product, service, or skills.

When you're developing your marketing message using this success principle remember your message should never be about you. The painful truth is no one cares about you until they understand that you have the solution they're looking for. Develop a powerful and succinct message that helps the people you want to work with to recognize that you work with people like them helping them to specifically get what you know they want.

Be prepared to use your unique marketing message. Whether you're interviewing for a job, networking for new clients, or trying to get people to vote for you be prepared to communicate in 10-20 seconds what you do. Practice your message until it easily flows off your tongue. When you have a good message you'll know it because people will ask you to tell them more about that, and how you do that. Marketing yourself is a key success principle that will enable you to get further faster.

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