Board Shorts Style Now Have Women In Mind

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Style trends are not just limited to evening gowns and dresses; they apply to swimwear swimsuits as well. And one of the most popular trends is board shorts, as they have come a long way from being just for surfing. Skaters, kayakers, surfers, and windsurfers claim that these boardshorts are great because they are lightweight, fast drying, comfortable and durable. Originally, they were considered to be swimsuits for men, but anyone with an active lifestyle loves them.

Boardshorts started out as mens swimsuits and were the gear to wear for different aquatic sports, such as wakeboarding and surfing. They have since gained quite a bit of popularity, even for those outside of the sporting world.

The name originated from any sport that was related to the word board. They are also known as "boardies" and "baggies" as slang terms in other parts of the world.

Produced from a nylon or smooth polyester material, they are very durable and hold up well against constant contact with surfboards and salt water. The durability of these suits has always been a big attraction to all water enthusiasts and for those who wear them, the durability is great. Consumers also appreciate the extra attention that the manufacturers have given to the designs in order to make them look trendy and fashionable.

Boardshorts were originally designed to be worn by guys and usually came to the knees or a little above. They are longer than most common shorts or the tight Speedo swimwear and have a rather baggy appearance. Women have also noticed board shorts and designers have started designing them with women in mind as well. They are available in vivid colorful designs along with some sharp looking Hawaiian floral images.

Today, the basic design of boardshorts is still close to the original concept, although some manufacturers started taking advantage of new and innovating technology. Since most of the water enthusiasts wear their boardshorts (sans underwear), a major complaint was the use of Velcro for the fly, as it can be uncomfortable. So many have turned to making the fly out of neoprene, which just allows enough of a stretch to be able to take the shorts on and off fairly easily.

One other complaint that was fairly common was that the board shorts had some stitching on the inseam that would irritate the wearers' skin, so many of the manufacturers went to a seamless design, using glue rather than stitches. Many of the designs began to utilize a net-like, light material on the inside of the suit, thus replacing underwear, which helped to dispel some of the complaints from wearers. It used to be that only a handful of manufactures produced boardshorts, yet now, almost all designers and manufacturers have some form of the suit.

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