Female Orgasm - Tips for a Mind Blowing Experience Part 3

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

In terms of female orgasm there are those that are simply pleasurable and those that seem more like a spiritual experience with your partner.

In parts 1 and 2 we have focused on several different types of experience and here we will look at this orgasm of oneness to achieve the ultimate female orgasm.

Let's look at how to achieve this experience.

Basically it involves seeing sex not just as a bodily experience but as a spiritual union. This orgasm is not purely about physical pleasure, but something more love and affection for each other.

1. Focus on the experience

The key is to be totally relaxed and banish anything else from your mind and concentrate on completely letting go and banishing any feeling of guilt tenseness or anxiety.

2. Setting the mood

You can do a lot to awaken your senses and burning sensuous oils and massaging each other can really set a mood that can be highly erotic. Choice of oils is down to personal taste, but below are some of the common ones that most people like:


Has a smell like licorice and is very popular sex a favorite of both men and women


One of the most popular spices worldwide. Rated high in the studies on sexual scent preferences for both men and women.


The aphrodisiac of the Middle East. Was taken as a drink at weddings to instill feelings of love and sex.


The scent of "desire" and extremely sensual and ignites feelings of passion


Another very sensual oil that is very popular.

Ylang Ylang.

Has a very sweet intoxicating smell that ignites passion.

3. Foreplay

Will relax and focus the mind and plenty of kissing, cuddling, massage and oral sex, will mean the body and mind are freed and relaxed to focus on sexual intercourse and to concentrate on orgasm.

4. Advice for Men

When sexual intercourse takes place the women will be relaxed from the point of view of achieving spiritual harmony. It is important that the male partner does not come quickly and this is easy to achieve.

Slow down - There is no rush and by slowing down the man will last longer and allow his partner to come to orgasm.

5. Breathing

Learning to breathe correctly for both men and women, is essential to achieve spiritual union.

Breathing is life and the way we breathe allows us to feel our whole body.

Both partners should breathe deeply and concentrate, feel whole being and concentrate on feeling from within.

You should also try to get your breathing rhythm in tandem with your partners, which will enhance the feeling of oneness.

Concentrate on the middle region (above the genitals) of the body and try and you will feel a warm glow.

Visualization and breathing will help you eventually to expand this feeling throughout your body.

Emotional and physical union

To achieve a mind blowing orgasm, all the above will help and it's down to you and your partner to make it work.

The parts relaxation, mood, foreplay, visualization and breathing can then come together for ultimate satisfaction.

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