Valentine's Day Roses and Other Flowers

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The color red has been associated with love for quite a long time as red roses were the favorite flower of Venus, the love goddess. And Valentine's Day being the day to celebrate love, roses unanimously top the charts on Valentine's Day. Red rules widely, but other colored roses are also sent out on Valentine's Day. It's interesting and even funny to know what the different colors of roses stand for, because where a red rose symbolizes undying, passionate love, a dead rose says that the relationship is over for sure ! Believe it or not, people do send out dead roses as well on Valentine's Day ! So if your style is saying it with flowers, then go ahead and send a few Valentine's Day roses to your beloved.

As mentioned already, red roses say "I love you" in the perfect way. Pink roses stand for delight and joy and white roses symbolize honesty and purity. So before you send out your Valentine's Day roses, make sure you convey the right message through them and choose the right colors for that ! Because if you want to tell someone you have fallen in love with them at first sight, then do not send yellow Valentine's Day roses to him/ her, for that would indicate friendship ! The color best suited for this is lilac. Similarly orange and coral roses convey your desires and peach roses express gratitude. A yellow rose with a red tinge at the tip of the petals signify a friendship that is about to bloom into love.

Though roses verbalize your feelings best on Valentine's Day, other flowers are also sent out on Valentine's Day. And if you want some variety this year round, then why not give a few Valentine's Day tulips or carnations or orchids to your sweetheart or loved ones ? These flowers are generally, but not always, sent out to family members and to folks with whom you are not romantically involved. However it is quite cool to send out an uncommon or unconventional Valentine's Day flower to your beloved too. So if you want to tell that special someone in your life how very fascinated you are with him/ her, you may do it with a fern too. And if you want to return someone's affection on Valentine's Day, then you can send him/ her a few Jonquils. These Valentine's Day flowers would indeed be a sweet delight !

On and before Valentine's Day, flowers are to be seen everywhere. Did you know that a whopping 156 million roses are sold on an average each year during this time ? Well, that's quite a handsome figure ! Though California grows the maximum number of roses in America, the majority of the roses are imported from South America.

Now if you are alone this Valentine's Day and there's not many to send you some fragrant Valentine's Day flowers, you needn't worry. You can always gift some roses or other flowers to yourself. And don't labor under the impression that you will be the only one doing that, because every year 15% of the American women (and even some men) send flowers to themselves ! It's just one of those cute things you can do for yourself. So treat yourself to a wonderful Valentine's Day with some lovely Valentine's Day roses or carnations or lavenders or tulips.

And here's some interesting data on buying Valentine's Day flowers. When it comes to buying flowers, men seem to surpass women by a huge margin, because as per statistics, of all the people buying flowers on Valentine's Day, 73% are men and only 27% are women. And that isn't too surprising either. Quite naturally men would want to woo their ladyloves with a bunch of sweet-smelling roses on Valentine's Day, isn't it ?

So whether you go with the traditional appeal of Valentine's Day roses or choose some other flowers to wish a 'Happy Valentine's Day', make sure you find expression for all your feelings and emotions this February 14 on Valentine's Day. It is the time for love and no matter how or what you do or say, the most important thing is that you get closer to your love. So if a little advice can be given, roll it off with a few Valentine's Day flowers-be it virtual or real !

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