Adult Acne: The Only Adult Acne Treatment That Worked

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Adults getting afflicted with adult acne when they have never ever suffered from acne in their teen years challenge the general belief that acne are caused only due to hormonal growth that subsides as the adolescent years come to an end.
Adult acne leads to lot of frustration and annoyance for people who have always had acne free clear skin. And it is emotionally even more frustrating as you can't psychologically justify it as you can with the teen acne.
If you are suffering from adult acne then you have to understand that one thing very clearly that there must be some reason for this condition. Adult acne has internal causes that lead to this condition and they cannot vanish within days until and unless you do something about the root cause.
Continue reading to know the truth about adult acne and the difference between them and teen acne. This report will also tell you can get rid of this situation.
The difference between adult acne and teen acne -
Though research has proved that there is a difference between the kin type of people who suffer from adult acne and those who suffer from teen acne, the actual internal cause of both types of acne is the same.
Well, I know the next question that comes to your mind is if the reason is the same then how come you didn't suffer from acne during your teenage years.
That is actually a good question and to get the right answer you have to realize what actually causes acne.
The main cause of adult acne or any type of acne at any level of severity is basically hormonal imbalance and the build up of toxins in the blood stream and the elimination organs like the kidneys, lymph, bowels and liver.
However severe the toxic build up might be, the hormonal imbalance is actually caused by two basic reasons - 1. The body starts producing too much male hormones that leads to over production of sebum through the sebum glands; this worsens the acne condition. This is what causes teen acne, and is not the cause of adult acne. Adult acne are usually caused by the second cause. 2. The natural hormonal regulation system is not working properly; i.e. the elimination organs that expel used hormones, mainly the bowels, lymph and liver.
Most cases of acne can be caused by just any of the two factors that triggers hormonal imbalance and the buildup of toxins but adult acne are caused due to the second factor which is the incapability of the elimination organs in getting rid of the used hormones from the body.
But you might ask why you are suffering from acne now when you never suffered from it in your teenage years. It also means that surely your elimination organs were working perfectly during your adolescent years, this then also means that something surely went wrong with your hormone regulation system somewhere in between.
If you are suffering from adult acne now and never suffered from teen acne then that can mean only mean two things: a) There is toxic buildup in your blood and lymph. B) There has been some damage to your hormone regulation system and it is not functioning properly.
It might be that taking steroids for a long time might have made your liver weak, or you might be taking antibiotics for a long time, or your might have faced a lot of stress lately. Or it might be any other reason, the main thing is now you are suffering from chronic hormonal imbalance and it is causing adult acne.
Cure your adult acne permanently:
Like most of the other acne types and of different severity levels adult acne too is caused due to some deep rooted internal causes which are made worse by various external or lifestyle factors. And the only way to permanently cure the adult acne is to holistically neutralize all the external and internal factors that cause acne. The holistic approach takes care of the external factors while emphasizing on putting the hormone regulation system in right order.
This will ensure you to have acne free clear skin and stay away from adult acne permanently.

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