5 Tips For Choosing A Qigong System

by Jeremy Hershberger - Date: 2007-05-27 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

Qigong is rapidly increasing in popularity these days. More and more people are discovering the benefits for their health and spiritual wellbeing they receive from the smooth, effortless movements that make up the practice of qigong. Qigong consists of a wide variety of over 3,000 systems or forms. If you are interested in learning qigong but don't know where to start, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Do Your Research
Use the online search engines like Google to read up on various qigong forms. Start off with searching for just "qigong" and see where that takes you. Then narrow your search to some of the systems that piqued your interest. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what form you learn as long as you receive the benefits. Nevertheless, it is good to be informed about the various systems out there. If one particular system stands out for you, go with it.

2. Learn from Home or from Personal Teacher?
In your research you will find many websites selling their own course products, books and DVDs that you can learn from at home. If you are an ardent self-learner, this may be the right path for you. Just be sure to look for customer reviews of the products you're considering. Search amazon.com for the products to see if they are listed there. Amazon.com has a popular customer feedback system that can help you make your decision. You may prefer to take a class in your area to be taught qigong in person. Check out the Qigong Institute at www.qigonginstitute.org and the National Qigong Association at www.nqa.org. Those sites have lists of teachers in your area and their contact details.

3. Stick to One Form
When you select a form to learn, either from a local teacher or an information product you have purchased, stick with it for several months before deciding if you want something different. Give it a chance, and practice it every day. Not everybody experiences results right away. If you start jumping around from system to system you may form a habit out of it and not learn any of them very deeply.

4. Leave an honest review
After practicing a qigong form for several months, leave a review for other potential customers if you ordered a course product online. Describe what you experienced in terms of health benefits and anything else that applies. Spiritual, mental and emotional balancing are all known to occur.

5. If You're the Cautious Type...
If you are unsure about spending money on a course over the Internet or learning from somebody you don't know, or just plain skeptical of the benefits of qigong, there is a way to learn qigong for free right now! There is a documentary on Google video you can watch that demonstrates some qigong movements you can practice. It's made by the National Qigong Association and is titled Discovering Qigong. Go to video.google.com and do a search for "Discovering Qigong" and it will be the first result.

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Jeremy Hershberger is a qigong practitioner and researcher from Oregon. He expands qigong awareness by providing news and resources from his blog at www.qigongblogger.com

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