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The entire telecommunication industry is swept over by the wave of voice over IP telephony services. This relatively new, revolutionary technology has proven to be beneficial to all the sectors across varied industries. The changing and growing communication demands of the industry could be fulfilled by this one technology single handedly.

VoIP telephony services take care of all the aspects of communication and are thus one of the most reliable and flexible technologies ever invented. Its chief advantage can be said to be its cost-effective feature. This is the prime reason for both industry and residentials opting for it. Broadband VoIP internet telephony is giving the advantage of using the telephony service to clients across the globe at almost half the price than they would pay for using traditional public switch telephone network along with as good voice quality as with PSTN. Another advantage of VoIP telephony is that it helps to unify the entire communication across the globe. Being location independent one can easily use it even from a remote place with the help of a broadband connection, a computer or an IP phone with an ATA adapter.

VoIP telephony providers offer voice over IP telephony services to corporates and residentials, one stop business solutions to corporates and contact centers, and wholesale carrier services and VoIP reseller programs. Almost every business can utilise the services of b>VoIP to the benefit of their organisation. For instance, ISP and ITSP's can pre-set voice over Internet protocol services on their broadband connection and telephony services thereby providing a complete solution to the telephony and Internet needs of their clients. This bundled up service is profitable to the end consumer also because by buying a bundled up services a client has to pay lesser than what he would have to pay separately.

Similarly, contact centers can transmit their calls using voice over IP telephony services. As a result, they will end up saving a lot on their telephone bills. Similarly network integrators, software and hardware solutions providers too can equip their services with Internet telephony and increase their product line. End customer or residentials are looking for one step solution to all their requirements and whenever a single provider is able to satisfy that need, the customer will be more than willing to take services from that provider.

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