Another Synesthesia Symptom Found

by Kristen Santos - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

So, the other day, I had another Synesthesia experience. This one was not as bad. Just like the rest, but they're never the same. I'm glad doctors have a name for thinking upside-down, because if they didn't, then I would probably go on thinking that everyone has experiences like this. Maybe we all do, only some people try to ignore it. But, honestly, I don't feel like everyone else. Everyone else has problems like depression and Bipolar disorders. I just think strangely, and my senses are unaligned. I think I could deal with that.

I almost feel sorry for other people who do not think like I. I honestly couldn't imagine closing my eyes and hearing music and not seeing all the beautiful colors dance. Blue, orange, and green are usually the only colors when I hear music. And, black, of course, but I'm just guessing that's the color of my eye lids.

Back to the incident- I think I have discovered another Synesthesia affect.

Emotion -> Gustatory Synesthesia

This is where when you feel an emotion, you can also taste it. I've experienced this only one time. It was only last week and some friends of mine and I were riding back to my house getting stoned. When they turned up the Pink Floyd, I song came on that evoked emotion in me (actually- that rights there could be a sign that synesthesia is in all of us. Music -> Emotion) I sat back, in a trance by the song, and before I knew it I felt this unexpected taste in my mouth. It happened almost simultaneously with the emotion. That's the reason I felt like it was the emotion that triggered it. The taste was amazing, something I had never before experienced. The emotion was normal: laid back with a hint of sadness. But the experience was like no other.

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