To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 10

by John Halasz - Date: 2010-02-04 - Word Count: 223 Share This!

Atticus Shoots the Rabby-infected:

The town of Maycomb experiences another flush of excitement in February. The mangy dog, Tim Johnson, walks up in the town streets carrying rabies. The owner of the dog lives on the other side of town. The whole town calls the sheriff Heck Tate while Calpurnia calls Atticus. Atticus comes home with the sheriff of Maycomb bringing a rifle. Heck requests Atticus to point the barrel and shoot the dog. Atticus takes his aim and then shoots the dog right in its head from a considerable amazing distance.

Jem and Scout's Surprise:

Jem and Scout find themselves surprise seeing their father shooting with one perfect shot right to the dog's head. They never saw their father even hold one gun in their lives. Later in the day, Miss Maudie tells the two kids that their father was the "One shot Finch", which means the best shooter in town when he was a young man.

Atticus's Concern Over Guns:

Atticus does not want to mention the accomplishment to the kids since he does not like guns. They wonder at the same time why Atticus keeps this secret from them for a long time. Jem decides that they keep the information a secret with the contention that their father could have told them long time ago if he wanted them to know about his shooting skill.

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