Contact Lens Advice to Alleviate the Misery of Hay Fever Eyes

by V Selman - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 305 Share This!

For most of us, the summer sunshine is a welcome relief from the doom and gloom of the winter months. However, for around one in four of the UK population, the advent of summer is a time of misery and discomfort.

Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, also known as hay fever eyes, is very common in the UK. As the name suggests, it is an allergic reaction to tree and grass pollen that builds up in our atmosphere as the weather gets warmer. Those who suffer from the condition complain of itchy, red, watery eyes whilst in severe cases the eyes become so sticky that it hurts to open them.

The problem can be exacerbated in contact lens wearers largely because dust and pollen can get trapped beneath the surface of the lenses.

Although it is certainly advisable to seek medical advice and help if you are a lens wearer suffering from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, the following tips might also help:

1. Ideally you should try not to wear your contacts if it is very dry and dusty outside. If you do still want to wear your lenses in these conditions, consider wearing sunglasses as well. This will help to provide a barrier between the dust and pollen and your eyes and lenses.

2. Don't wear your contact lenses while mowing the lawn.

3. You could try asking your optometrist about lubricating eye drops which might help moisten your eyes and relieve your discomfort.

4. If the pollen count is particularly high, think about wearing glasses instead of your contacts.

5. Be careful not to get suntan lotion on your lenses as this will make your eyes sting- ideally you should not even sunbathe in your contacts.

6. If you are out and get dust in your eyes, avoid the temptation to remove your lenses and either rinse them under a tap or in your mouth.

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