Loans For Ccjs: A Pristine Financial Support In Tough Times

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County Court Judgment (CCJs) is issued when you fail to pay a bill or miss a monthly installment and the lender has sought the help of the court to recover the amount. A CCJ generally stays in the record for six years from the date of judgment. This is actually bad remark and can ruin your credit rating. With this kind if situation it is very difficult to satisfy your cash needs. But the answer is Loans for CCJs. Yes, even if you have an active CCJ on your name you can still avail a loan. Read this article to know how.

The person with CCJ is ordered by the court to pay an amount due within 30 days from the date of issuing a CCJ, and in case he fails to do so, his credit history is tagged as bad credit. To get away with this kind of embarrassment you can now avail Loans for CCJ. These loans are designed especially for those people who have active CCJs. The person can avail these loans and can repay the unpaid dues and also consolidate the debts in a single loan. These loans can be availed by any individual. The lenders offer these loans at a little high rate of interest when compared to the other normal rates. In this case you can shop for the information on the Internet or the money market for the best deal based on your repayment capability.

If you can contact a professional loan advisor, it will save you time and money by. The advisor guides you through each stage of the loan process and ensures that you get the best deal and which suits your need. The amount you can avail as a loan will depend on the value of your property given as the collateral. The value is calculated as the difference between the mortgage balance and the value of your property.

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