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The Colorado Rockies are a Major League Baseball team located in Denver, Colorado. They play for the Western Division of the National League. They are also referred to as "The Rocks" or "The Rox". The team took its name after the Rocky Mountains which pass through Colorado. This is a very well loved team and thus Colorado Rockies tickets are treasured stuff to obtain. So if you are keen to achieve Colorado Rockies tickets, then the only place to call is ticket broker. A ticket broker is sure to procure Colorado Rockies tickets for you, without you having to run around in a whirlwind.

About Baseball Equipment

Baseball is one of the most popular games in America. If you want to play baseball, then you need to have a few things with you. For most of the baseball fanatics in America, it is a known fact. But there are still some people who are not very well versed with the equipment. The game involves the use of a baseball bat and a ball. The ball has a corked centre, which is wrapped with strings, and then it is covered with a coating of leather, which is again stitched up. The bat can be made of either wood (ash or maple) or metal. In professional games, metal bats are not permissible. However, in many minor league and little league games, metal are allowed to be used.

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter. The batter has to hit the ball and run to score. The batter stands at his home base or plate. The bases are arranged in the shape of a diamond and placed within certain distance of each other. As soon as the batter strikes the ball, he starts running from home base, to first to second to third and back home. All the team members require having good baseball gloves. The objectives of these gloves are to protect the hands of the players from the ball. Catchers need to have gloves with excess padding and a wide span. There are players who also use an extra glove beneath the existing one for added protection. Batters have gloves that are specifically built for the purpose of batting. These gloves help them grip properly. It also offers some protection against the impact of the ball striking the bat.

Both the batters as well as the catchers need to wear a tough helmet to prevent their face from any kind of injury. The players also need to wear a jockstrap to prevent any kind of groin injury. Pitchers and fielders are often seen to wear baseball caps. These caps help them protect their eyes from the direct rays of the sun. The uniforms worn by the players represent the colors of the team. The uniforms usually have a logo designed on them. There are also other items like headband and stuff, but they are optional. The players do not have to wear or use them to be able to play the game.

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