A Review Of The Cabon Copy Pro Opportunity

by Mark McCullagh - Date: 2008-07-02 - Word Count: 686 Share This!

The ads for Carbon Copy Pro make some pretty outrageous claims like "a realistic $250K first year income potential."

This will really get your attention, especially if you are looking at ways to make money on the internet.

It may also cause you to wonder whether or not Carbon Copy Pro is an internet marketing scam.

I was very curious so I did a little research and the first thing I learned was that this system was co-created by a successful entrepreneur named Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard, the founder of Magnetic Sponsoring.

While I had not heard much about Jay, I was certainly very familiar with Mike Dillard and consider him to be a reputable and knowledgeable marketer, and a top income producer in the network marketing industry.

So I decided to take a closer look at Carbon Copy Pro.

Here is what I discovered:

1. Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that promotes a "top-tier" direct sales opportunity.

This is important because "top-tier" programs that use a direct sales approach probably offer a greater potential to build a substantial income in network marketing as opposed to a "traditional" mlm compensation plan.

Two main reasons for this are:

* the rising costs associated with recruiting
* the very high attrition rates in the mlm industry

When the average new recruit in your business only lasts for approximately 3 months, it makes it very difficult to build a reliable residual income.

However, when your commissions are paid "up front" as in a direct sales compensation plan, this has much less of an impact on your bottom line.

Carbon Copy Pro appears to be promoting the "right" type of business for today's market.

2. Carbon Copy Pro claims to be an automated, turnkey marketing system.

The system does seem to sort, qualify, and close your prospects for you.

Let's examine how this works:

* using internet marketing strategies you send traffic to your lead capture page a lead is generated when an interested visitor fills out the form on your page to receive more information
* the lead is automatically assigned to an autoresponder that begins sending messages designed to get the lead to full out an application form
* when a person submits an application, including the refundable $49 fee, they are provided access to your personalized business overview page
* they are also sent, via snail mail, a copy of "INSIDEOUT", an insightful marketing DVD and workbook authored by Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek
* this is important: these people will be called twice by experienced professionals who will answer questions and invite them to a live system overview call
* if the prospect decides to join, you ged paid through the automatic payment processor you set up with the Carbon Copy Pro system

Note: members also receive a $30 commission for paid applications.

This is a funded proposal that serves to filter out the "tire kickers" and provide cash flow to offset advertising costs.

3. The key to the system is generating traffic.

One of the major challenges faced by many network marketers is driving targeted traffic to a lead capture page.

Does Carbon Copy Pro help people generate leads?

Members are provided with a large selection of PDF documents and audio files available that cover virtually every subject of online marketing.

Marketing strategies are researched, tested, and reported on by users of the system. This provides excellent feedback and the emphasis on tracking and sharing results is good.

Further support and training come from conference calls and a members forum.

The onus is on the individual member to generate leads and to learn this skill.

4. Observations of the Carbon Copy Pro system.

It does appear to provide the following solutions for network marketers:

* high converting lead capture pages
* well-written autoresponder series
* leads are personally called for you by professionals
* access to a complete system that can take a visitor right through to a purchase
* allows marketers to totally focus on traffic generation
* training and support for traffic generation strategies

5. Conclusions: Is Carbon Copy Pro a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is a marketing system that provides solutions for network marketers.

It offers the potential to earn a substantial income.

The one key ingredient required for success is the ability to drive traffic to the sale

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