The Theory Of Globalization And Its Analysis

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There has been considerable academic debate concerning the emergence and meaning of globalisation with differing views ranging from those who believe that there has been no change to what already existed with previous trade and movement across nation stat to hyper-globalisationists who believe that the consequences of globalisation can be felt everywhere and that the sovereignty of nation states has been greatly diminished. However both of these views define globalisation in economic terms alone.

The more recent trend has been to broaden this definition to encompass a number of other characteristics. The fact that structure and agency is highly relevant to social, cultural and political theory is indisputable. Traditionally their application has been used to explain the causal explanation of change through a structure (for example the force of industrialization) or agency (for example the action of individuals). The classical debate has been that of structure versus agency.

However globalisation theories take a global perspective on the unit of analysis rather than the nation state, and therefore move away from classical thinkers such as Marx, Weber and Durkheim who identified with the nation state as the source of analysis for explanation and fully contributed in the structure versus agency argument. Anthony Giddens conception of a duality within a structuration process may be more useful in explaining the social, cultural and political changes both in terms of their structural determinants and in terms of the individual action that brought them about.

This theory can be applied to the level of agency to the nation state, as well as the individual, in a structural arena of globalization. This may prove to be particularly useful in analyzing the causal explanation of historical changes when exploring globalisation theories. As no analysis can be undertaken without explaining the roles and relationship between the structure and agency Giddens theory may present an acceptable means of analyzing the relationships between the macro and micro levels.

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