Optimizing Your Diet to Lose Abdominal Fat

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Diet and exercise go hand in hand to aid in weight loss. In order to maximize your chances of developing those killer abdominals you desire, altering your diet is a necessary step.

It is important to remember that weight loss is not instantaneous, nor is it an overly fast process. Healthy weight loss is important, so be sure to do it properly, by adopting a healthy diet as opposed to using dangerous measures such as weight loss pills and fad diets. Ensure you do not adopt these measures as they can be dangerous and will usually result in a person losing significant amounts of lean body mass and muscle.

The following steps will aid you in developing an optimal diet:

1) Limit the energy in your diet: In order to lose weight, we must expend more energy than we are putting into our bodies. To do this is simply a mater of eliminating sources of excess energy (such as foods high in fat and sugar) and ensuring we are not eating portion sizes that are too large. It may help you to write down the foods hat you eat over a few days, to give you and idea of how much you are eating and possible foods that could be eliminated from your diet.

2) Eat small meals regularly: Eating smaller amounts more frequently during the day will aid keeping your metabolism steady, and in many cases will aped it up. Speeding your metabolism up will aid your body in utilizing energy at a faster rate- thus reducing the storage of fat.

3) Eat breakfast: Many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast, this commonly results in a sluggish metabolism and decreased energy stores until you eat next. In the case of many people, this is lunch time. To compensate for skipping breakfast they may eat a very large lunch, which will result in further slowing the metabolism and making the individual feel drowsy and sluggish. DO not think there s not time for breakfast- there is. Whether you have to get out of bed ten minutes earlier or opt for a quick and easy breakfast option such as cereal or a breakfast bar; breakfast is essential in controlling your metabolism.

4) Drink water: In order to optimize your diet and lose weight it is essential to drink sufficient amount of water each day. Most people drink insufficient amounts of water in a day. This has the negative effect of making the person feel as if they are hungry, resulting in them eating unnecessarily. This introduces extra energy into the body which is consequently stored as fat. Ensure you drink plenty of water to avoid unnecessary energy intake.

5) Replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods: This process is quite simple; there are a few rules to follow to ensure your diet contains sufficient healthy foods in place of unhealthy foods:

a) Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, breads and cereals. Sticking to the basics will ensure you eat sufficient healthy food for normal functions, and will ensure you limit any fats in your diet.

b) Select lean meat: Replace any fatty cuts of meats with lean cuts. Ensure you remove all visible fat or remove the skin form chicken. Avoid sausages, salami, devon and other processed meats as these tend to be very high in fat.

c) Select skim/trim/reduced fat dairy: Dairy products are high in fat and thus high in energy. Consuming full cream dairy products will only result in unnecessary energy being introduced into the diet. Opting for skim, trim or reduced fat milks, cheeses and yoghurts will ultimately result in a decrease in overall energy in the diet, thus making weight loss easier.

d) Avoid or limit takeaway foods: Take-away foods tend to be extremely high in fat and thus energy; this is generally due to cooking methods (most are deep fried). Try not to have take-away more than once per week.

e) Minimize snack foods: Many people consume excess energy through frequent snacking on unhealthy foods. Snack foods that are high in sugar and fat, such as lollies, chips, chocolates, soft drinks etc. should be avoided or replaced with healthy alternatives.

6) Ensure sufficient fiber in the diet: Fiber will aid in keeping sufficient amounts of water in the intestines to optimize the digestive processes to maintain a healthy bowel.

7) Limit alcohol intake: alcohol is high in energy and excessive consumption will inevitably result in the production of fat in the body. To prevent this form occurring, ensure you limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

It may help you to plan your meals in advance. This can be done by searching cook books or online for healthy recipes and making a list of the ingredients you will need. Be sure to have a variety of different foods in your diet, and remember to ensure you are not overeating by consuming large sized meals.

When reducing the number of calories in their diet, many people find it hard to overcome the resulting hunger. If you find your are constantly feeling hungry, try consuming some diet soft drink, diet cordial or diet jelly, as these will help to ease the feeling of hunger without adding calories to the diet.

Be sure to combine diet with healthy eating to ensure optimal weight loss occurs.

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