Wakeboard Vests For Any Water Sport

by Max R Jackson - Date: 2010-08-20 - Word Count: 362 Share This!

Life jackets, or live vests, must be used with most all water sports to be participating safely. This is true for everything from wakeboarding to wake surfing. There is always the potential danger of hitting your head and becoming unconscious. The personal flotation device (pfd) you have on could mean life or death in certain situations. One of the great things about most wakeboarding vests is they are made to contour the body more and in turn are much more comfortable and less bulky than most traditional life vests.

Many people who enjoy the sport of wake surfing love using a lightweight wakeboard vest instead of a typical bulky life vest. For those that don't know, wake surfing is done by driving the boat very slow (around 10mph) in order to put off a very large wake. Typically the weight will be distributed towards one side in order to create an even bigger wave on the side of the boat that the rider will be surfing. A wake surfboard looks a lot like a miniature ocean surf board. The wake surfer starts by holding it against their feet as the boat pulls them out of the water, no bindings needed! The rope that is used is only about 10 ft long so the surfer ends up right behind the boat in the meat of the big wave.

Once the surfer is up and riding, they enter the side of the wake and start surfing, just like they were in the ocean. Once you really get a hang of this sport, you can actually throw the rope back into the boat, but continue surfing because of the forces of the wave! Many wake surfers like to have a the lightest possible wakeboarding vest when riding a wave. This is due simply to the fact that it is a super chill sport and the less weight and bulkiness, the better. It would be extremely difficult to knock yourself out while surfing, so flotation is not a huge concern.

Now that you know a little bit more about surfing, and the wakeboarding vests of choice you have the information needed to get going and start surfing safely!

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