Female Orgasms - Different Types and How to Achieve Them Part 1

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 632 Share This!

The female orgasm can come in many different types and this article will explain some of them and how women can or (men can help them!) get maximum pleasure from each and everyone of them.

Lets look at different types of female orgasm and how to achieve them.

1. Multiple Orgasms

When many women come they simply cant come again, as they are to sensitive however multiple orgasms can be had if you do the following:

All you need to do is work out the recovery time.

How is this done?

After climax the women relaxes with the man inside her and waits for several vaginal contractions (try 10), then the motion that bought orgasm before is started again.

The key is to experiment with the recovery time.

Each women has there own individual period of time.

The women then like a wave catches it and rides to an orgasm again.

2. The It Never Comes Orgasm

This the one that frustrates women the most; its almost there but like a slippery ball it escapes from the hands at the last minute!

The major problem here is letting go.

You cant force an orgasm so don't try, you simply cannot will it to happen.

Because a women cant come, when she does the tension flowing out will give immense pleasure.

The trick is simply not to try to hard.

The mind should remain focused on the body and there should be know willing orgasm to come - Its time for nature to take its course and to go with the flow.

Eye contact should be made and focused on your partner. Try deep breathing and if possible get your breathing in rhythm with your partners.

This will focus the mind on your body and not on trying to achieve orgasm, with the pressure removed orgasm will follow.

3. The Mind Body & Soul Orgasm

This is probably the most satisfying orgasm of all for women.

This orgasm is a spiritual experience and unites mind, body and soul with your partners, in the most intimate of connections.

For this orgasm a women must let go of herself completely and see sex as not just a physical act but as a total connection.

The way to achieve it is to touch your partner's heart, feel the pulse, maintain eye contact and then use your breathing for complete union.

Just as in the multiple orgasm make sure you concentrate on breathing deeply and get it synchronised with your partners.

Breathing is the key component in this orgasm.

Try and feel the air flowing throughout your body.

Feel the energy coming from your body and focus your mind on the pelvic and stomach region and you will start to feel a warm glow.

Visualisation is extremely powerful and breathing will help you focus on achieving spiritual union with your partner.

This orgasm is simply losing yourself in the moment and focusing on nothing else.

4. The Grinding Orgasm

This is an orgasm that can be achieved without penetration.

Sometimes women may not want penetration, or they are still hot after their partner comes and a grinding orgasm can be used to achieve pleasure.

It is achieved in the following way.

The women wraps their thighs tightly around their partner's thigh, with the clitoris and vulva pressed hard against the thigh, the women then starts a rocking or grinding motion.

Keep in mind, the clitoris is only the tip of the pleasure zone here and it extends under the labia as well.

When you do the above your reaching and hitting the entire pleasure zone and it can bring immense satisfaction even though there is no penetration.

There are more orgasms that women can have and these are discussed in part 2. The above orgasms are all different but when you master the techniques above they can bring immense pleasure and satisfaction.

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