Is There Such A Thing As A Broken Heart?

by Dr. Jennifer B. Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC - Date: 2009-10-26 - Word Count: 520 Share This!

Most view women as the more emotional ones of the species. It is said by some that it is why women have been able to avoid the more serious health problems associated with holding in one's emotions. While it seems that it is not really accepted by society for men to show much in the way of how they feel, because that would show weakness where a man is supposed to be the strong one who can handle just about anything that comes his way. At the same time, it seems to be accepted that women are more emotional and showing or expressing these feelings is something that women do.

As it is more acceptable, or alright, for women to express their emotions and to let it all out, it has been thought for many years that it could very well be the reason why women are less prone to heart problems or other stress-related health issues. These days, it is perhaps not as true as women are taking on more responsibilities and becoming just as or more involved in the workplace. However, it is not the general stresses that this article is focused on. Whether it was a hundred years ago or yesterday, it is possible that women have a more difficult time in letting go of a relationship than men. There could be many reasons for this, the most of which being that it is more in the woman's nature to bond with a man on a deeper level. This is, of course, simply speculation, but it is something that many have considered as a probable reason. This is not to say the woman is weaker or simply more emotional, it is something that is rooted in one's instinct from years of evolution. Whether it was the woman or the man to break off the relationship, the woman could have a difficult time with the breakup because, depending on how involved the relationship was or how long it had existed; there could be some very deep feelings that have been affected.

Broken hearts are not easy for anyone, but for women it can be more difficult to avoid because they are more in tune with their emotional side than men are. There is such a thing as a broken heart; in fact the medical reference to it is 'stress cardiomyopathy'. This condition is where the person has become so distressed over the loss of a loved one in a breakup or tragedy where the heart muscle is temporarily weakened. Getting over a relationship is something that can take some time. Contacting an online counselor or online therapy could be a nice way to help ease the process as well. Online therapy could be a comfort for those who simply need to confide in someone and get something off their chest. Online counseling can also help a woman to realize why it could be good that the relationship came to an end. Once the healing starts, she can start to move forward in her life, feel better about her self and start looking forward to her unknown, but exciting, future.

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