A Look At The Acrylic Chain Report

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In 2005, the US$ 5 billion plus acrylic fiber industry expanded by 5.1% in terms of value and by 2.8% in terms of volume. During the year, global production of acrylic staple fibre touched 2,791 thousand tons. Acrylic accounts for 8% of all chemical fibre produced in the world. The share has fallen dramatically from 15% in early 1980s. During the last 5-year period ended 2005, ASF production has increased at a rate of 1.25% per annum, the slowest growth rate among all chemical fibres production.

Global acrylic staple fibre production capacity stands at 3,127 thousand tonnes. Of this, nearly half is in Asia, and with China accounting for almost a quarter of global capacity. Japan, on the other hand, shares just 9.5% of global capacity which has seen consistently dropping from 13.5% in 2000. Turkey has maintained its global share at 7.8% in the last 5 years.

China has emerged as a leading producer of acrylic staple fibre in the world. It has production capacity at 900 thousand tons in 2005 has grown by 50% since 2000. In 2005, China produced 865 thousand tons of acrylic staple fibre, which was up by almost 30% compared to a year ago. China is also a major consumer of acrylic staple fibre. In 2004, the latest estimates, it consumed about 1,125 thousand tons of acrylic fiber, of which 40% were of imported.

In 2005, acrylic fibre industry was adversely affected by rising raw material cost. Acrylonitrile was dearer by almost 22-23% in USA, 16-17% in Europe and by 20% in Asia during 2005. During the time, acrylic staple fiber prices increased at a lesser pace. They were up 15% in USA, 4% in Europe and 3-5% in Asia.

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