The New Face of Indian Banks

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The assassination of former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi seized the entire country into a grievous situation. To add to the misery, the whole economic front of the country was in doldrums. As it is, there were only a handful people who used to avail the banking facilities, they too lost faith in the banks. The country found itself neck deep in debts and destitute. At that juncture, few conscious steps towards the recovery path by the succeeding Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, made us pull ourselves out of this gloomy situation. Not only did we recover from the dubious financial circumstances, but we made our position in the world economic front. Today, Indian banking system is one of the best banking service all over the world.

The foreign investors who saw India as a hub of their future plans, had to think otherwise due to the hostile attitude of the banks. But today we are welcoming investors from far and wide and we are all geared up with a range of schemes that can make their plans to invest in India a success.

The Banks of India excel in both convenience and promptness. There are a range of customer service options available for customers of varied needs. People have different interest and aim to seek the banking services. Some want to keep their money safe, others want their funds to multiply, some just use it for the purpose of fund transfers. Reasons can be myriad. The Indian banks have scores of options to cater to the needs of its customers. The array of account types like savings account, fixed term deposits and the various saving and investment schemes make these banks the best place to trust your money with.

The State Bank of India being the forerunner among all the Indian banks has everything a bank should have. Right from efficient staff to prompt customer service, the State Bank of India justifies its top position among the other banks.

Other banks such as ICICI, HDFC, PNB etc. are all offering the best of services to attract more and more customers. Recently the banks ascended few more steps towards providing their customers ease of operation. The introduction of Online Banking services have not only made the Indian banks hi-tech but also made it possible for the customers to control their account without having to visit the branch.

The Online way of banking is definitely a revolution. The account holders can check their balance, transfer funds, withdraw funds, apply for loans, convert part of their balance to EMI, pay bills, money order, apply for credit cards, and do a number of tasks without having to directly visit the respective branch. The Online banking services also include live chatting with the bank executive for any queries about the services of the bank.

Thus Online Banking services have definitely made our country span miles in the path of progress. The Indian Banking system has class comparable to the best in the world. The customers are happy and content with the fact that their funds are in a proper, trustworthy and efficient reserve.

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