Five Ideas For Creating Abstraction In Fine Art

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Abstract painting is concerning form, color, lines and the feelings that they bring into play. There are a lot of ways to produce abstract paintings that fit these criteria.

Abstract work of art is like a fun-bag with full of innovative ideas and thoughts thrown onto a canvas. Whole abstraction artists are at no cost to conduct trial with mediums, textures, colors, techniques, art papers and canvases to acquire the emotion they desire. This freedom is distinctive to this approach of painting and should be tried by artists looking to loosen up. Here are five best techniques for creating abstract paintings to get started with.

Paint Dripping

One type of abstract painting that is in style with many other types of paining, for example watercolor painting, is paint dripping.

Paint dripping is basically drenching paint against a canvas. This can be made by letting paint drip off of a paintbrush or drip unswervingly out of the paint container.

Once the paint is on the work of art, the artist can revolve the canvas so that the paint tag along gravity or he can permit it seep on its own.

Splatter Painting

As it name implies splatter painting is similar to paint dripping its more or less like a sister painting of drip painting. Here are some ways to splatter paint onto a work of art:

1.Take little amount of paint and pour it into a straw and blow on the other end of the straw so that the paint rapidly shoots on to the canvas.
2.We can acquire a splattered effect by dipping an old toothbrush into paint and run a thumb along the bristles to get the effect.
3.Douse a big paintbrush keen onto the paint and brush it towards the canvas.

Geometric Designs and Geometric abstraction

This Geometric Designs and Geometric abstraction style uses geometric shapes, creating visual stress and drama.
The process involved creating geometric shapes and lines are:

1.Slice strips of masking tape.
2.Position them on the work of art to structure a stencil of the shape.
3.Confirm the strip is fixed to the canvas by smoothing it down.
4.By means of a brush laden with paint, fill up the region within the masking tape stencil.
5.Strip off the tape previous to the paint is dried out.

Mix Mediums

A lot of abstract artists blend paint with patchwork or collage. Collage is gluing tiles of paper, textiles and other stuffs to a work of art. The trick to this kind of art is arranging and rearranging the patchwork snippets to acquire the correct look before they are glued down.

Paint Free Form

Doodling is frequently done while chatting on the handset or during meetings. It can also be used in work of art. The artist basically has to douse her brush into some color paint and at random append it to the work of art.

This might result in partial abstraction or total abstraction, depending on where the brain wanders. This thought might work best when focused on something else, so having the television on or talking on the phone may be a good idea.

All of these ideas can be united and mixed to produce an eternal variety of abstract paintings.

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