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by Sam Wolfe - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 631 Share This!

Tired of the traditional eight to five office work? There are plenty of options for you to work from home while enjoying the same or even greater income for you and your family.

More people now prefer to work from home not only because of the decrease in stress and additional expenses that come with daily travel to and from work, but also because of the great opportunities for financial, social and career advancement.

Most work at home moms or WAHMs as they prefer to be called have been successful in maintaining a career while taking care of their families at the same time. Work at home moms are a rare bunch because they can multitask and work from home while maintaining their responsibilities as homemakers.

If you are an eight to five employee who wants to get out of the daily office rut, or a working mom who wants to work from home, then you really can have your cake and eat it too. Working from home is easy thanks to all of the opportunities offered by direct sales.

Direct party plans are one of the most preferred options by work at home moms because it can be started with very little capital. The most common memories you may have is the Tupperware home party plan that your mom used to host in your home for her friends. The good news is that it has come a long from its earlier beginnings as a simple buy and sell career involving plastic kitchenware (even so, Tupperware still thrives as one of the largest direct sales companies today).

Direct sales is one of the best home business ideas because it allows a work at home mom to start with a meager capital and with resources that are already available in her home. If you are a work at home mom who boasts a large social network, then that's even better.

Of course, a work at home mom can start her direct party planning business from a small list of friends. However, a WAHM who wants to be financially stable later on should expand her horizons, and also her client list.

While direct sales has been criticized for being a bothersome work at home scheme, most people prefer to deal with work at home moms who are into direct sales for a lot of positive reasons. It's a more personal way of doing business which benefits both the work at home mom and the client.

People in party plan businesses can offer a personalized after sales service. You can never expect a saleslady from the local mall to go to your home and advise you on the proper way of applying that blush. However, a work at home mom who is selling cosmetics can just as easily visit you at home and give you make up and other tips. In fact, this is exactly what a party plan is – direct contact between the client and the representative.

Anyone can get into direct sales of almost any product from cosmetics, food, childrens books, DVDs and everything under the sun that responds to a specific market requirement. Any person who has an eye for what is in demand in the market could work from home and be passionate about it.

A lot of people have found their financial oasis in direct sales. Of course, not everyone who works from home and goes into direct sales becomes rich. However, most work at home moms who have been in their business for a longer period of time are now enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with their families while making a healthy living.

Direct selling has become a multi-million dollar industry and if you are someone who yearns to work from home then direct sales may just be the answer to your prayers!

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