The Biggest Asset Your Business Has

by Keith Lee - Date: 2007-06-08 - Word Count: 282 Share This!

Quick- list all the assets of your business in their order of cash value - your buildings, your equipment, your inventory, your personnel, your account receivables, your unique products, etc., etc. Which are more valuable then the others?

Stop reading this email and take out a pen and pad and make the list.

Okay... got your list. If you are like most business people you left the number one most valuable asset off the list... your customers.

One of the few industries that properly values its customers is the mail order industry. That's probably why the reputable mail order firms take much better care of their customers than most other types of businesses because they appreciate the full cost of acquiring a customer and they actually do carry them as assets in their financial records.

Therefore, lost customers diminish their balance sheet as well as their income statement as it should be. You can take away my businesses equipment, even my personnel but leave me my customers and I'll have it all back in six months.

It costs a tremendous amount of money to get a customer or client. Most businesses actually lose money on their first sale or sales to a customer if you count the full customer acquisition cost against the profit on the first transaction.

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