Is The Rich Pom Another Home Business Scam?

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For the past couple of months, even years, working from home has become a big business with many people either supplementing their income or even retiring early due to the success of their home working business. These home working businesses range from ebay, multi level marketing, and for the past 15 or so years, e-commerce business. As the internet and e-commerce business develops continuously and quite often at a staggering rate, many people are wanting to join the already established and successful internet marketing groups. In fact, it can be argued that the home working business has developed in such a way that it now is one of the best working principles around as it doesn't require the daily 9 till 5 grind with 2 days off during the week.
As working from home becomes more attractive either by the amount of money that can be made in addition to your regular employment and the way you can arrange your working pattern around your employment, many people see working from home as a benefit. Ultimately as the interest in this principle increases, many people want to find a home working principle that works. Unfortunately, this also provides a window of opportunity to be scammed.

What is the Rich Pom?

If you don't know about the Rich Pom, he has been discussed and interviewed across the Internet and other media outlets including TV and radio. He promotes an online home business opportunity and offers people the chance to get involved with a common business principle as a way to making money, good money, online. As someone who is involved with home working and comes from a legal background, I decided that I would research what was being offered with the concept.

Whats being promoted?

The business idea being promoted is Affiliate Marketing. Its been around for 15 years or so and is a legal marketing concept used by big corporations and companies to sell products and services across the internet. Affiliates promote products and get paid based upon sales, click through rates etc. Many affiliates earn commissions through advertising on websites. The main benefit is that you are not responsible for targets or inventory, you are promoting a product or service and ultimately after sale or click through, you receive a commission. So is the business being promoted a scam? No.

Are the monetary figures correct?

The Rich Pom website provides evidence of money that has been made whilst doing the Affiliate Marketing principle. Should you believe the figures being shown? Simply, it's up to you. One thing is for certain, through Affiliate Marketing, you can make large sums of money - many people do - or you can make very little, none at all. It solely depends on how much you are willing to put into the business principle to reap the rewards. The fact is that many people make enough to live on, even enough to give up their day job and concentrate solely on their business using this principle. I'm not promising you will get rich, you may and can, but in most cases you won't be skint with more month than money.

There are loads of websites about Affiliate Marketing, so why should I trust The Rich Pom more than any others?

Many websites provide details, information etc about Affiliate Marketing. Look at them a bit deeper. The Rich Pom offers continuous support. When you sign up you get access to all his secrets, to forums, his contact details, his ideas, thoughts and reviews of your promotions. When I looked at what the Rich Pom offered it wasn't just information, it was almost a development plan and support whenever you needed to access it.

Overall, the business principle that the Rich Pom promotes isn't anything new. Its been around for ages. However, the Rich Pom promotes not only the business principle but also as part of the package unrivalled business support and mentorship that really is second to none.

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Chris writes articles about home business scams for his home working website and reviews home based businesses promoted by The Rich Pom and The Rich Jerk.

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